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The full list can be found on the Angling Trust Website


MINIMUM SIZES/AREA C SPECIMEN WEIGHTS  (The full list can be found on the Angling Trust Website)


Bass 45
B Bream 24
Brill 35
Bull Huss 58
Cod 35
Coalfish 35
Conger B120/S91
Dab 24
Dogfish B46/S38
Flounder 27
Garfish 43
Gurnards 28
Herring 20
Haddock B35/S30
John Dory B33/S25
Ling 72
Mackerel 30
Megrim 25
Mullet 33
Plaice 28
Pollack 30
Pout B25/S23
Poor Cod 20
Rockling 20

Spurdog 58
Ray/Skate 45
Sm hound 51
Sole 25
Scad 25
Tope 9 kilo/20lb
Turbot B41/S35
Trigger Fish 30
Weever 20
Whiting 28
B Wrasse 30
C Wrasse 20
Unclassified 20



Bass 8
Black Bream 2.5
Brill 2
Bull Huss 10
Coalfish 2.5
Cod 8
Dab 1
conger 25
Flounder 2.5
Garfish 1.25
Tub Gurnard 2.5
Haddock 1
John Dory 1
Ling 4.5
LSD 2.5
Mackerel 1.5
Megrim 1
Monkfish 25
Thick Mullet 4
Golden G Mul 2
Plaice 2.5
Pollack 3.75
Pout 1.5
Blonde Ray 13
S E Ray 8
Spotted Ray 5
Thornback Ray 10
Undulate Ray 12
3 B Rockling 1.5
Scad 1
Thin Mullet 3.5
Smoothhound 8
Sole 1.75
Spurdog 8
Tope 25
Trigger Fish 2.5
Turbot 3
Weever .75
Whiting 1.5
Ballan Wrasse 4
Cuckoo Wrasse 1.25

Red Gurnard 1



Bass 9
Black Bream 3.5
Brill 5
Bull Huss 12
Coalfish 15
Cod 20
Dab 1.25
Conger 50
Flounder 2.5
Garfish 1.5
Tub Gurnard 3.5
Haddock 5.5
John Dory 4.5
Ling 20
Mackerel 2
Megrim 1.5
Monkfish 35
Thick Mullet 4
Golden G Mullet 2
Plaice 4
Pollack 16
Pout 3
Blonde Ray 23
S E Ray 11
Spotted Ray 5.5
Thornback 12
Undulate Ray 15
3 B Rockling 1.5
Scad 1.25
Thin Mullet 3.5
Smoothound 15
Sole 1.5
Spurdog 12
Tope 35
Trigger Fish 3

Weever .75
Whiting 3.5
Ballan Wrasse 5
Cuckoo Wrasse 1.25

Red Gurnard 1.25



Please visit our face book site for Honiton SAC for up-todate captures and pictures.



Well the mackerel have seemed to come and gone at the minute.  Dogs and hounds around at Seaton and Branscombe.  The odd Plaice showing along with the odd Sole. 



A few summer species around now on the local beaches with Mackerel, mullet and smoothound all being caught.  Some nice ray also being taken at Seaton.  Check out our FB page for an up to-date report.  


Both the two shore comps held so far have been hit with the weather.  The latest one to suffer was the North Devon rover, this was made into a rover any area.  30 odd signed in to fish the event and it was kind of slow.  Best fish was Richard Kemp with a 1lb 10oz Whiting from Seaton.


A few nice Whiting being caught from around the area. Karl Allen had one of 1lb 9oz just before xmas.  The odd good fish being caught down at Seaton also with still the odd Mackerel and Doggies and Whiting.


At last a few fish coming from the shore with Chesil fishing well.  Cod and Whiting do seem to be showing well at the moment.  The local beaches are also seeing good Whiting also, so would be worth a go in the evening tides.


Still plenty being caught on the local beaches with loads of Mackerel and Garfish around, always a good time to target a nice Mullet also.

The two inter-club events have just taken place with the Torbay Shield last weekend.  We came somewhere around 7th spot.  We did a little better on the Westward on Sunday where we came joint 2nd on 29 pts but got pushed into 3rd spot on fish count back.  


The fishing is good on the local beaches the moment with Gar, mackerel, Mullet to name a few fish being recorded.  There are even a few Bream being caught locally also.  Both Colin Berry and Leon Rice have found some nice fish locally recently.


A nice few mackerel now showing along with Mullet showing on the local beaches.  Jack Squance junior done really well at the Wyvern Junior comp at Plymouth last week taking 1st place with a nice Mackerel.  Archie Hawkins also won the over 12 section with a nice Garfish.   Ken Sparkes also had a specimen Mackerel of 1lb 8oz recently and Terry Hartnell had a nice Atlantic Cubb Mackerel at Branscombe last week.


Fishing from the shore is fairly patchy with lots of fish around at times and other times even a bite is a good result.  The last Fri comp at Budleigh proved this with only 3 weighing in.  


Things at last starting to pick up a little with a few flatties and Mackerel being caught at last.  Club comps are going well with an attendance of between 20 and 25 at each comp.

Check out our face book page. 


Still all a bit slow at the moment, a few flats and the odd Mackerel on the Chesil.  The last shore event was at Branscombe and it was a little slow.  26 members fished and the best fish was a Pout of 2lb 1oz for Trevor Churchill.


Apart from a few dogs around on the local beaches it is all a bit slow at the moment.  Another few weeks should see the start of the first Mackerel and the Plaice should start to put in an appearance.  A good bet for these would be Chesil and don't forget to try Seaton. 


The second shore comp has taken place and was a any area rover.  22 members fished all around the coast.  Most anglers did record some dogggies, pout and Whiting.  Top rod on the day and winning the pool was Luke Bartlett who had two cracking congers of 22lb odd.  The fun fish on the day was a Whiting and this was won by Richard Kemp who had one of a lb of Seaton Beach.

Some of our juniors have been out and about on the local beaches of Branscombe, Seaton and Budleigh.  Both Archie Sweatland and Archie Hawkins have recorded a few doggies up to around 1lb 14oz. Big well done to them.   


The first shore comp of the year has just taken place with 22 taking part.  It was fished between West Bay and Abbotts from Noon till 11pm.  Best specimen of the night went to Karl Allen with a huge pout of 2lb, secound was Luke Bartlett with another Pout of 1lb 14oz. Filling third was Mike Spiller with a pout of 1lb 13oz.  Well done to all that fished it with Bass, Huss, Doggies, Pout and Whiting being caught.


Last shore event took place at Seaton on Saturday.  The rain was not nice but the fishing was steady for most.  Winning the hamper was Conrad with his two Doggies of around 2lb each.  In all there were 7 hampers there to be won on the night.  Fish caught were Dogs, Pout, Whiting and Wrasse.


The Dennis Retter memorial event took place at Bexy last weekend and a good crowd fished it.  Not too much caught on the day but a few Gar, Mackerel and Plaice came to the scales.  Top Rod on the day was Lee Fearnly with a Plaice, Runner up was Ben Bradstock with a Garfish.  Around £300 was raised for Dens charity.  A big thank you to Chris at Seaton Tackle Shop and Tracey at West Bay Water Sports for their kind donations for prizes.


Blown right out this weekend with rain and strong winds.  Last weekend was the Torbay Shield inter-club comp at Brixham.  Weatherwise it was nice but the fishing was poor with lots of small undersize fish on the marks.  Fish caught were Wrasse, Huss, Doggies, Gars, Mackerel etc.  Top club of the weekend was Brixham SAC on 40 pts.  Runner up was Paignton SAA.   We held up the rear in 8th spot.

Last Sat night saw the Bexington shore comp for October.  Well all along chesil was packed with anglers but we all fished at Bexy right hand side. Fishing was hit and miss for most.  Top rod on the night was Barry Codling with Colin Berry coming second.  Best specimen went to Wayne Broom who had a Small Eyed Ray.  Fish caught on night were Ray, Whiting, Plaice, Pout, Doggies, Gars, Scad  and Mackerel.  


A few nice fish for members at the weekend.  Colin Berry had a nice 10lb huss locally on Saturday evening.  Terry Harntell done really well winning the Samulite match on Saturday evening with a specimen sole of 2lb plus a 12lb 15oz Undulate Ray.  Nice one Terry.

The last evening comp took place on Fri evening and was a bit of a struggle.  Best Fish was Mike Spills with a Doggie of 1lb 12oz.  Colin was crowned king of the Friday comps on Friday so well done Colin. 


The boys have just returned from Ireland with Terry, John, Ben and Chris going this year.  A windy week over their but the fish were nibbling all week with some great catches.  In all 40 specimen fish registered with pollack and Ling.  Ben had a near 7lb Ling and Terry broke the record 2 times with pollack over 10lb!.

The ferry bridge come was last weekend and the weather was not too bad to fish.  Conditions were fairly hard but some fish came out with lots of different species recorded.  Best Specimen went to Mike Spiller with a early Whiting of 1lb 3oz. 


The shore is now hotting up with plenty being reported.  Terry Hartnell recently won the Seaton Carnival open at Seaton.  He had a nice Mullet of 4lb 11oz and a nice Gar to take first place in the event.   Condition were good but fishing was a little patchy at times.  Scott Rice and Leon had some nice Bream from the shore also recently.  Targeting them in the early mornings.  Leon had them to 2lb 11oz but Scott found them to nearly 3lb 8oz!.   Garfish and Mullet are now showing at Seaton, Leons best mullet is just over 5lb down at Seaton along with a Bass of bang on 8lb.

Only this week Luke Bartlett has been on the beaches and had some nice catches.  The best bass was 9lb 4oz and Luke also had Huss to nearly 9lb.   


At last there is a bit of fish coming in locally plus also chesil is fishing well if you hit it correct.  A few nice bream coming from the eastern end, Colin Berry had one of 2lb 8oz in the July All nighter.  Mackerel seem to be caught on the local beaches but yet no Gars, which is very strange!  Leon Rice has had a few Mullet and Goldens from Seaton but none of any huge size.

A good number of members fished the Aug all nighter and some good fish were recorded at the weigh in this morning.  Barry Hawkins had the best specimen with a Scad of 1lb 3oz, runner up was Barry Codling with another scad of 1lb 2oz. 


Dens funeral has taken place at Offwell with around 150 attending to pay their respects.  RIP Dennis and thanks for all you have done for HSAC.

Fishing has improved on the beaches with paul Munday landing some nice Small Eyes to over 10lb at Seaton.  The boys also fished Chesil and had some nice catches, best fish was a Red Gurnard of 1lb 1oz for Martin.

Last weekend was the Branscombe shore comp, it was also the inter-club against Beer and District.   A good entry turned to fish but the fishing was poor on the night.  Best two fish were Tom Travers who had a nice Undulate of 9lb and Trevor Churchill had a Doggie of 1lb 14oz .  We manged to beat Beer in the inter-club by 350% to 86%. 


A very sad post to put up on here. Last Friday at 11pm our Chairman Dennis Retter sadly passed away after suffering a short illness.  At this sad time we are thinking about Dennis's family.   


A nice Ray for Adam in the May shore comp at Seaton, he had a nice Small Eyed of 8lb 3oz .  Other fish caught in the comp was Dogs, Plaice, Pout, Mackerel etc.  The weather was nor too kind so it was decided to make it into a rover.

The boys have been out up the Channel at the weekend and by all accounts a few specimem Small Eyes were landed.  Taff had one of which weighed 9lb 8oz .  At last things are moving inshore. 


Well the fishing has started to pick up at last with mullet now in all the local rivers.  The beaches have been throwing up some nice Rays from time to time with Adam Squance and Wayne Hand finding some nice small eyes recently, both fish being around the 10lb mark.  Chesil seems slow at the moment but again the local beaches at Seaton, Brandcombe and Budleigh have been showing some nice Plaice, not huge but all the same sort of size to around 1lb 8oz.

The last shore comp was at Seatown and Charmouth and a great entry of 22 fished it with most going to Seatown.  Fishing was a little slow at Seatown by all accounts but there were some nice Wrasse, Dogs and flats caught.  A few fished Charmouth and they found some Pout and Dogs.  


A few Flats now being caught at all the usual local beaches.  Wayne and Finley Hand have been out and about catching some red spots, with a good session today catching around 18 smallish flatties. Well Done Finley.

Reports also of Mackerel and Herring falling to small feathers at beaches like Seaton and Budleigh. 


A few ray around now being caught on the local beaches, these include Small Eyed and Undulate types.  First reports also of Mackerel and Herring being caught.  Neil Pope fished at Budleigh and had a good fill of doggies by all accounts.  Wayne Hand fished up around Brean and had a tasty Codling last week.


The March Comp took place at Branscombe last week and again we had a great turn out from members.  Fish caught were Huss, Doggies and Rockling.  The conditions were not perfect but some nice fish were caught.  Best specimen went to Adam Squance with a nice Bull Huss of over 7lb.  Runner up was bothe Mike Spiller and Barry Hawkins with a Doggies of 1-12-0.

A nice Whiting was caught last night from Seatown by James Trevett.  A few of the lads went there in search of an early Ray.  Plenty of doggies plus a nice Whiting of 1-13-0 for James.   


The Feb rover has taken place and again a really good entry fishing it.   Members fished all around the area from Slapton to Chesil and even up at Porlock.  Fish caught were pout, Pollack, Dogs, Whiting etc etc.  Top rod on the day was Colin Berry.  The best specimen went to Ken with a doggie from Porlock of 2-5-0.

Wayne Hand and son, Finley fished way up to the east last week and had a really good days fishing.  Fish landed were Plaice and Flounders.  


Apart from a few more Flounder coming out from the Eastwen end, its all been a bit slow.  James Trevett did manage another Flounder over 2lb 8oz.


A few nice Flounders have been recorded this week from the east of the region.  James Trevett, Wayne Hand and Adam Squance had some beauties between them with the best for Adam at 3lb.  Wayne also had two over 2lb 8oz and James had one bang on 2lb 8oz.  Nice fishing there chaps.


Tom Travers has had a cracking pollack at the weekend from a local mark in the east of the region.  Toms fish weighed 9lb 14oz and breaks the current record of 9lb 6oz set in Ireland a number of years ago.   Tom said it came on a pulley rig with sandeel and squid for bait.  Nice fish Tom.


James Trevett and brother Barry fished a local beach last week and had a little bit of action.  On the second cast James hooked into a nice Small Eyed of 7lb 10oz.  During the rest of the night there were a few doggies and small Whiting caught.  Apparently Barry did not do as well as James!


First shore event took place last weekend with 16 members fishing between west Bay and Abbottsbury.  Fish caught were pout, whiting and doggies.  Best specimen went to Martin Christopher with a Whiting of 1lb 6oz, 2nd spot went to Adam Squance with another whiting of 1lb 5oz.  A great turn out guys for the first comp of the year. 


Well there have been some great fish caught over the xmas break.   A lot of rays coming from the Bristol Channel.  Darren Bell has had the best with a huge Blonde of 21lb 10oz. Darren also had another 3 or 4 fish over the 13lb specimen rate and also a nice Small Eyed of over 11lb.   Stefan Herbert has also had them to mid 13lb odd along with a nice Minehead Whiting of 1lb 9.5 oz, again a cracking fish.

A few lads have also been Wrassing locally also with some great sucsess.  Scott Rice had a real beuty of well over 5lb from the East of the region, he also had another of nearly 5lb.   Adam Squance and James Trevett also hooked into fish that nearly made the 4lb specimen rating.  All the fish came on big hard back baits nailed to the floor.

Local beaches are still fishing well with Seaton and Branscombe good for Doggies and Whiting in the evenings. 


A few nice pout have been caught recently with both Barry Codling and Adam Squance found them to well over 1lb 8oz up on the Chesil.   The December shore event was fished at Seaton at the weekend and it was a good turn out for the last comp of the year.  Dogs, Whiting, Pout, Rockling and Conger were caught.  Best specimen was Lee Fearnly with his Doggie of 2-8-8, this fish helped Lee win the main Beef dinner that was on offer.  


The last shore comp was held last weekend and the weather was foul for the 10 anglers taking part.  Some good fish were caught during the event with Huss, doggies, Whiting, Cod and Pout being caught.  Top rod on the night was Adam Squance, Adam had a specimen Pout of 1-9-8 also.     


Still a few nice bits around on the beaches.  Chesil seems to be good on and off, both Barry Codling and Dennis Retter have had some nice Plaice and Sole up their.  Barrys best sole recently weighed 2-2-0.

Local beaches were still fishing well for Mackerel and Gars and the odd Mullet and Bass


A fair bit been happening recently.  Taff Pearce has had two nice tope from the shore a 30lb er and also a cracker at 42lb 8oz. Taff was over the moon with them.  Taff said a big thank you to Darren Bell for help in landing them.

Ken had a nice trip to a local beach last Friday with 10 species being caught during the evening.  Best fish was a nice Cod of 10lb plus.

Leon fished at Seaton the other morning and had a great little session I hear.  A good selection was caught like Mackerel, Gar, Mullet and flounder.


Well what a day we had yesterday in the Westward Festival of which we were hosting at Seaton and Beer.  The whole team fished really well and came out winning it.  Well done to Ken, Richard, Greg, Kim, Micky, James and Colin.  It was a great day with lots caught from all the zones.

Greg had a nice 8lb cod in the last shore event at Bexy.  I dont think all in all there was much caught really.


Chesil beach still showing some great catches with Plaice and Sole and a few Cod are now showing also.  A nice Blonde ray of 17lb 8oz for Adam Squance, which is a cracking fish from their.  The local beaches now fish really well with Scad, Gars, Mullet, Mackerel etc. Scott Rice partner Shannon had a nice Golden Grey recently of nearly 2lb at Seaton.

29-8-16. Looking good for the carnival comp this Friday at Seaton.  Mullet, Scad, Macky and gars all showing well.


Lots being caught all around the local beaches now with Mackerel, Mullet and the odd Garfish.  Chesil does seem to fish well when the weather is kind with lots of different species being recorded.

The last all nighter is August saw scores reaching over 700% with Dogs, Mackerel, Scad, Gurnard, Smoothounds etc etc. 


Last Fri comp at Seaton was a bit slow but some fish were caught.  Terry Hartnell topped the points weighing in Dogs, Smoothound, Plaice.  Terry also had a small Turbot. Best specimen on the night was Trevor Churchill with a specimen Small Eyed.

Still a few smoothounds around locally, Taff recorded one from the Channel of nearly 11lb.  Darren Bell did just hang in there with a Doggie and a Bass.  


A few fish came in on the first Fri eve comp at Budleigh recently with Mackerel, Doggies, Pout and Gar being caught.  Top rod on the night was Colin Berry with Mike Spiller just behind on the night.  

A good number of members fished the Chesil Champs at the weekend.  Fishing was a bit slow I have been told. Ben Bradstock managed 4th spot with some Doggies which was good.  Both Terry Hartnell and Mick Kane also had doggies for the weigh in. A big well done to West Bay SAC for hosting the event. 


A nice few Mullet now about in the local rivers.  Reports of a few Gar being caught locally also today.  Barry Codling and Martin Christopher fished the Chesil today and had a few nice Plaice. 

Si Boeree also had a cracking Undulate Ray on Friday whilst on holiday in the Isle of Wight. he broke his own record again with a real beauty of 15lb 3oz. Nice one Si.


Still a few Plaice being caught locally which is nice to see.  The odd small ray from Seaton and Jacobs Ladder.  The last shore comp was at Bexy and it did not fish that well really.  A good turn out fishing but the fish did not.  Best fish was Rich Kemp with a Doggie of nearly 2lb! 


A few ray now starting to show up on the local beaches.  Plaice catches increase with lots being reported now. Terry Hartnell had a cracker on Sat night up around Portsmouth in a Open event, it weighed 4-10-8!!!  Si Boeree also had a nice looking Plaice with his going 2-6-0.


A few Mackerel showing now on the Chesil along with Herring.  Plaice are in as-well at Seaton with some good ones at Chesil.  Alan Walton also had a nice Grey Gurnard on the Chesil of 10.5oz which is a NCR.


Colin Berry had a nice Rockling recently of 1-8-8 on a local beach. A few Plaice now showing from Chesil and the local beaches, No big ones as yet but nice to see them all the same.

12 members fished the Seatown comp at the weekend and the weather was good but the fishing was a little slow.  Fish caught were Plaice, Small Eyes, Doggies, Huss, Pout and Rockiling.  Best fish was a Small Eyed of around 7lb for Trevor Churchill.  Second place was Terry Hartnell with a Doggie.   


Still not much happening.  One outstanding fish was a cracking Cod for James Trevett up in the Channel.  Just the one bite during the day but that was from a huge Cod of 21lb 13oz. Nice fish there James.  Apart from that Darren Bell  has been out and seen a few Ling and Thornbacks, again from the Channel.  


Yesterday saw the Feb rover take place in horrible conditions, rain for 12 hrs solid and 60mph winds all day.  No surprisingly only 6 anglers signed in but there were some fish caught during the match with Dogs, Whiting and Rockling being recorded. 


A few fish coming from the local beaches with some big Bass being landed.  The first comp of the year took place at Slapton and there were plenty of fish for everyone.  Doggies, Pout and Whiting made up the catches for everyone.  Adam Squance came out on top on his first ever club comp, Well down Adam. 

Last weekend saw the Wyvern Open again at Slapton and it had a huge entry of 163.  Terry Hartnell done really well with a second spot.  Stu Withyman came away with third.  Other members done well also with Ben Bradstock and Paul (Rollo) in the top 12.  Well down everyone.

Taff and Darren have also been out and about with Taff land a few congers up the channel, by all accounts he lost a huge Conger after landing it!!! 


Well there has been a few bits caught and also some record breaking fish also.  The boys on the Chesil have been doing well with the Cod.  Best one now is nearly 10lb for Dennis.  Darren Bell has been knocking out some good fish also with a huge Conger from the Channel of 42lb (over 200%) VERY WELL DONE DARREN BEEP BEEP. A few Flounders have also been caught but nothing to big yet.


The Westward Festival took place at Blue Anchor and Minehead yesterday with 8 clubs taking part.  A nice day weather wise but the fishing was generally a bit slow.  Winning club on the day were West Coast with Blackdown in runners up spot.  Honiton came away in 7th spot.  A big thanks to the whole team for taking time out and supporting this event.

In between the weather last week Greg Jackson found a couple of nice Bass on one of the local beaches.  Fishing Black Lug he had two cracking Bass with the best just short of 9lb.  Nice one Greg.   A few members have also had a few nice Cod up on the Chesil also at the weekend.  Martin Christopher found the best at nearly 8lb.


Not much happening at the moment apart from a few Flounders in the rivers etc.  The local beaches are throwing up a few Whiting, Pout and Doggies when conditions allow.  The North Devon brigade had a few congers on the last trip and Taff did manage a nice Pollack of over 5lb.


Not sure what was caught Saturday night at Bexy in the club comp, when I here I will put the results up.  Stefan Herbert has had a couple of nice Huss up on the North Coast at the weekend, he found two with the best at 12-12-0 (NCR) and had another of 11-4-0.  Still a few bits and pieces coming from Seaton when the sea is calm, Mackerel, Gars and Mullet mainly along with a few Plaice and Whiting.  Greg Jackson also had a nice Tub Gurnard up on the Chesil which weighed in at 2-14-0. 

Last weekend saw the Torbay Shield take place at Dartmouth, was a good day with a bit of fish being caught.  The points system on the day was pants mind with all fish worth just one point!.  All our team managed to catch in the zone, fish mainly caught were Doggies, Mackerel and Gar.  Mike fished the boat section and managed to find a few Spurdogs along with a nice Ling.  A big well done to all the team who were Stu Withyman, Rich Kemp, Callum Hardwich, Dr Kim, Trevor Churchill and Mike Spiller.  When the point were out we came somewhere in the middle.  Well done to Teignmouth SAS again for winning three years on the trot.   


A few fish about at the weekend. The local rivers have started to show some nice Flounders.  In the recent junior comp (with no juniors turning up!) three seniors fished and landed some nice Flounders to 2-4-0 size.  All the fishing being caught on peeler crab.  

The boys have been out for a Tope at the weekend.  Just one bite and one run on the Tope which gave Darren Bell his first Tope.  Not a huge fish around the 20lb mark but Darren was buzzing all weekend.  Chesil has been doing well again at the weekend with lots of members having a go for the Cod and flats up there.  Both Dennis and Barry have been lucky up there both coming away with both Plaice and Cod for tea.   


Last weekend saw the club all-nighter with many members choosing to fish up on the Chesil.  By all accounts there were a good selection of species caught during the 22 hour competition.  Best specimen was a cracking Golden Grey Mullet for Stu Withyman of 2-11-8.

Other fish reported over the last week have been a few Mullet, Scad, Mackerel etc from Seton with both Scott and Leon Rice having some good fishing locally. 


Last weekend saw the Lyme Bay Shore inter-club take place at Cogden with 5 local clubs taking part.  These were Seaton, Beer, West Bay, Honiton and Lyme.  A good turn out from the clubs on the night to fish in perfect but busy conditions.  Fish caught during the 5 hour match were Sole, Plaice, Doggies, Pout, Whiting and Cod.  The winning club would be the one with the highest points from the best 8 bags per club.  West Bay came out on top with Lyme close behind.  It then went Beer, Honiton and then Seaton.


The Kerry commandos have arrived on the ring of Kerry in Southern Ireland and it sounds like the fishing is very good but the weather is foul (wind,rain and swells).  Day 1 saw some cracking fish landed with Pollack to 8lb being reported for Terry Hartnell.  However the best fish that was caught on day one from the shore was a cracking Ling of 19-1-0 for Ben Bradstock (nearly 400%)  The specimen fish tally after day one was 15 I think they said.

Watch this space!!!  Plenty more nice sized Pollack were caught during week, Ken Sparks had one of 8-8-0 and Terry Hartnell had his best at 8-6-0. Other fish caught was a specimen Scad for Ben Bradstock. 


Seaton Carnival Open Shore went well with nearly 50 anglers fishing this year.  Lots of fish caught during the match with Doggies, Huss, Mullet, Mackerel and Bass being caught.  Winner on the night was Simon Skinner with a nice Huss and Doggie combination.  Second was Steve Fowles with a Bass and Doggie and Third spot went to Scott Rice with a nice Mullet and a Golden Grey.

Plenty of Mackerel around now at Last on the local beaches with the odd Gar being caught along with some nice Mullet of the thick lip and also some Golden Greys.


Just had a report of a nice Bass from the shore for Jim 'Jimbo' Ogbourn.  Fishing on a local beach he had a real cracker of 8lb 4oz on a plug.  I here on the side that a trip was needed to hospital after as well, to get the plug out his thumb!


Mixed catches coming through at the moment.  A few Mackeral starting to show around the local beaches at last along with a few Mullet.  Leon Rice had a nice Mullet of 4-6-0 recently in the local river.  

Some nice smoothounds again have been caught up on the North Coast with Darren Bell being in the thick of it again.  Darren's latest have been another 8 fish over 100% with the best which was a Common Smoothound of 15-2-8.

The Ferry Bridge monthly comp took place last week up on the Eastern end of Chesil.  When I catch up with Ken at the monthly meeting on Thursday I will put up the results and fish caught.   


The all nighter took place a couple of weekends ago, not 100% sure of the results but I here there were lots of different species caught in the match with members fishing from Slapton through to Portland by all accounts.  A nice Black Bream took the honors with some Red Gurnards not far behind in the pool money.

Well there really is a few nice hounds coming out now in the channel with Stu Withyman, Darren Bell and Taffy getting some cracking fish. Reports are still a bit sketchy but the best recorded to date is one of Stu Withymans fish with a Starry of over 17lb!  More reports to follow when I catch up with them.  


The boys have now started to look for some nice Smoothounds up in the channel.  Both Stefan Herbert and Darren Bell tried their luck up there last week.  Darrens best two were well over the 10lb mark with both Starry and Commons being caught.


A few nice fish being reported again on the local beaches.  A few nice Plaice for Stu Withyman and also Micky Kane recently.  Some coming from Seaton are well into the 2lb/3lb size.  

Last weekend Darren Bell and Stefan Herbert fished up in the channel and Darren had a nice Bass of 8-12-0.  Stef also took his Blonde Ray PB up a few notches with a fish of around 10lb.  Stef the week before having a couple of nice Small Eyes to neary 9lb.  I here there was plenty of dugs and mini micro pout around on that day also!!!

I am sure that some nice Mullet will be showing in the local rivers around now also.   


Still some nice fish coming from the local beaches.  Callum Hardwick had a good day at Seaton recently catch some nice Plaice and a few Mackerel also.

Stefan and Darren have been out up the channel again last weekend and again they had some nice fish.  Darren had a nice Small Eyed this time of of 9-0-8 plus a nice Bass of around 5lb.

8-6-15.  The results of the inter-club have been announced from Saturday evening at Branscombe.  Beer just done enough to win the Lively Lady award by around 17%.  So a big well done to them.  Some good fish were caught during the comp with good size Bull Huss and Hounds and a very nice Rockling for Darren Herbert of 1-12-0 approx.

By all accounts Seaton Beach is now fishing well for small Smoothounds along with Mackerel, Plaice, Scad and Dogfish.  Seaton is an easy place to fish with free parking after 6pm all along the seafront.

3-6-15.  This Saturday evening will see the next club shore event at Branscombe from 6pm - Midnight.  It will also be the inter-club against Beer and District for the Lively Lady Shore.  A good turn out would be good.

Some good fish have been coming in again from the Channel with Darren Bell, Stefan Herbert, Taffy and Si all getting in on the action with the Rays.  Mainly Small Eyed Rays with weights ranging from 8lb to 10lb.  

On the first of the Friday evening competition at Budleigh recently a good night was had by the dozen or so that were fishing the 7pm - Midnight comp.  Fish caught were Doggies, Mackerel, Pout, Wrasse and Ray.   


Well it looks like it is all starting to get better at last with a few Mackerel and Herring showing up at Seaton.  A few small ray along with some Smoothounds also for the one that have some crab to try. 


Well the shore Blonde Ray record has been taken up in weight again.  It now stands at 14-12-7 caught by no other than Darren Bell up in the Channel.  Caught on a big Sand eel bait Darren said the fish took off like a train.  Nice fish, well done Darren.  


Some good news from Darren Bell and Stefan Herbert, they have been chasing the Small Eyes on the North Coast.  Using Sandeel for bait on all their sessions up there they have had three nice fish.  The best has been 10-6-0 for Darren, he has also had another of 10lb dead.  Stews best to date is 9-4-0.  Some pictures will be up on our club Face Book page soon. 


At last the weather is looking slightly better.  There have been reports of a few Mackerel now from the local beaches.  Just have to wait a bit longer for the warmer weather now!


The April shore comp took place on Saturday afternoon/evening and the normal 14 or so took part.  A bit of drizzle and chop made the day a bit difficult but there was some fish caught during the match.  Plaice, Flounder, Bass and dogs making up the catches.  The roll over Plaice fun fish pool was won by Lee Fearnly and I believe Lee won most of the other pool money on the night with a Doggie.


A big well done to Terry Hartnell for winning the Chesil Champs on Sunday.  Terry fished at Bexington for 4 Plaice with a total weight of 3lb 8 oz approx.  This was enough to give him the £250 first prize along with the pool.  113 anglers took part and from what I am told it was hard going on the day.  WELL DOWN TERRY.


A few nice flatties being reported from the local beaches with a nice few Plaice being caught locally.  Anytime now should see the first lot of Mackerel and Herring being caught from the shore.


All a bit slow still at the moment from the beaches.  A few Mackerel have been reported to have been caught off the Chesil.  Seaton to Budleigh beaches reporting the odd Thornback Ray along with a few Doggies etc.


The March shore comp took place at Seatown on Saturday evening, conditions not perfect on the night but some fish were caught through the match.  Fish caught included Whiting, Pout, Doggies and Rockling.  Best specimen on the night was Barry Codling with a Doggie of 2-2-0.  The fun pool for the best flatfish will roll over to the April comp at Burton Bradstock.  The sea bed must have changed at Seatown as everybody was saying how much tackle was lost on the night, hearing individual stories of up to 8 sets of gear!!!   


All a bit slow at the moment by all accounts.  A few small Whiting and the odd Doggie being reported at Seaton and Branscombe.  Roll on the Spring and Summer. 


Waiting on the results of the club Feb rover that was held recently.  I think there was around 15 members fishing the event with many of them trying their luck on the Chesil.  I think the best fish on the day was a nice Plaice for Trevor Churchill of nearly 3lbs.  Jammy old Bill Cassar won the fun fish again with a Pout of nearly 1lb from Portland.  First place on the night with a mixed bag of fish was Trevor Churchill.


The local beaches like Seaton and Budleigh still seem to be fishing fairly well at times.  Whiting and Doggies still seem to be showing and the odd ray also at Seaton.  


A big well done to Terry Hartnell, Terry won the Blackdown SAC Open around Blue Anchor and Minehead yesterday.  59 anglers fished the Open.  Terry weighed in 6.5 kilo (6 Cod and some Pout) He smashed it.

Yesterday also saw the Torbay Shield take place with Budleigh hosting the event.  A good day was had by everyone with fish being caught in the boat and the shore zones at Budleigh.  Teinmouth SAS came out on top with 28 pts.  Sidmouth SAC wee 2nd with 19 pts and Honiton were 3rd with 18 pts.  A big well done to Budleigh for putting on the event.     


The first comp of the year has taken place on a rather windy Saturday afternoon.  Eleven anglers made the trip to Slapton Sands in the South Hams to try their luck, the Wyvern comp the week before saw some good catches and it was hoped that it would repeat itself again for the members on the day. Plenty of small Whiting were present all the time along with Doggies and Pouting.  Bill Cassar won the triple roll over for the best Pout I here and Colin Berry had the best specimen of the night with a LSD of 2-2-0.  It will be interesting to here how the new waterproof match/min size cards worked out on the night?  Waterproof paper is a bit expensive to buy but it might help keep the score cards readable!  The first batch of waterproof paper was sponsored by Stefan Herbert and Mike Spiller. (thanks guys)


A fair bit of angling has taken place over the xmas break with lots of activity up on the North Coast.  A few nice Thornbacks have been recorded by Stefan Herbert and Darren Bell, the best one has been recorded by Darren with a fish of 13-9-8, he has also had another of 11-8-0.  Stef has also had a few Thornies with them up to nearly 10lb.   A few members have also been fishing up on the Chesil and also at Slapton and Beesands with small Cod and Whiting being caught.  

The Wyvern Open took place yesterday at Slapton with an entry of 120 anglers.  The winner was Nick Green from Plymouth who caught a Mackerel of 1-11-0 and a Doggie of 2lb.


A new club record has been set from the shore with a Flounder of 3-8-0 for Stefan Herbert.  Stef had the cracking fish in the Teign on Sunday during the T and B ASA xmas Flounder comp.  WELL DONE :0)  Karl Roberts tried his luck up on Portland at the weekend and had a decent Wrasse of 4-2-0, ragworm and hermit was the killer bait I here.

Looking through the Samulite facebook page it looks like Terry Hartnell has done well again during the year up on the Chesil.  Terry again came in the top ten, this getting into 5th spot.  Not bad when you look at some of the anglers that fish in this league!  WELL DONE TERRANCE :0)


Some good fish being caught again recently.  Barry Codling had a cracking Sole up on the Chesil of 2-12-0 last weekend.  The same day, Greg Jackson fished on the North Coast and had a nice Cod of just over 10lb.  

Fishing at Seaton also seems to be good still with plenty of Whiting, Terry Hartnell reported one of 1-8-0, there are loads there around the lb mark I here.  There are also a few small Codling being taken too.  


A few out and about fishing at the weekend.  Saturday saw the last club comp of the year at Abbotsbury with Whiting and Dogs being caught by most fishing the event.  Best Whiting was a fish of 2-2-0 for Trevor Churchill.  

Terry Hartnell was also fishing his last Samulite comp of the year at the Ferry Bridge end.  Again he reported that the fishing was ok with Gurnards, Gars, Dogs and Whiting etc etc. Terry came away with the heaviest Cod of nearly 4lb's.  Terry reports that he hopes to get again in the top Ten for the Samulite league for 2014.  

A few Flounder were also reported at the weekend from the Exe.  Stefan Herbert and Darren Bell found a few feeding on Saturday to crab baits, the best one for Darren of 2-7-8. 


A few nice Flounders showing up around the River Exe lately.  Stefan and Darren have been on the attact recently with a nice few being caught to crab bait.  The best one reported was nudging the 2-8-0 size.  

Dennis Retter, Barry Codling and Stefan Herbert have also been targeting the fish up on the Chesil, it was reported that there was still some tasty Cod around to be caught but nothing of any size mind.  Scott Holbrook has been out with Ken Sparks and Colin Berry last week. A few Whiting were around I here, Scott had the best at 1-9-0. (well done Scott)


It seems to be Cod Cod Cod for everybody going to Chesil lately.  Lots of Whiting and Doggies also coming off Seaton, Sidmouth and Budleigh just lately.  There has also been a good number of small Ray being caught at Seaton, that must be good news for the coming years.

The Westward Festival took place a couple of weeks ago with Budleigh club being the host.  Venues fished were from Sidmouth to Budleigh, Budleigh had the better fishing judging by what was reported being caught.  8 clubs fished on the day with Weston Outcast winning on the day.  We slipped just one off the bottom spot to 7th place.  


Terry Hartnell has been out and about over the weekend, he managed to weedle out a nice Pout of 2lb dead from Bexy over the last few days.  He also had about 10 Cod to 3lb and hundreds of Doggies by all accounts.  Chris Sweetland witnessed it all, I think Chris also got in on the action too (he took all the photos!)    


Cod Cod everywhere it seems at the moment.  Good fishing all along the Chesil and even reports of a few along the local beaches.

The last shore comp most headed for Chesil it seemed, 14 fished the comp in fairly good conditions.  Fish caught were Triggers, Bream, Doggies, Pout, Mullet to name just a few.  Best fish was Skipp Kane with a nice Pouting.  Barry Codling was next with a nice Mullet taken on worm and Mackerel!!!


Before the winds came at the weekend there was some good fishing on the local beaches.  Mackerel and Gar in the plenty, just right for the winter bait for the freezer.  Reports also of a nice few Cod from both the Chesil and also the North Coast being taken. 


Cod at Seaton Beach I am told and on feathers, what is going to happen next I wonder!  Still some Gar and Mackerel being caught.  Stefan Herbert and Darren Bell have been doing well up on the North Coast with more Small Eyes being recored, the best last week was a fish of 9-3-0 for Stefan.  

Chesil seems to be also fishing well.  Terry Hartnell fished up there last week and had some 12 different species of fish in a short five hour session.


A few bits and pieces being caught on the local beaches, a few Gar seem to be appearing at Seaton along with Mackerel and the the odd Mullet.

Loads of fish were caught in the last comp at Ferry Bridge.  Conditions were also good for the 12 hour match.  There were Bream,Scad,Mackerel, dogs etc caught.  Top rod was Micky Kane with 700 odd points.  Ken Sparkes was close behind Micky on the points. 


Mackerel being caught everywhere at present from the shore, get yourself down and get your bait sorted for the winter.


The all-nighter took place last weekend and by the sounds of it it was a great comp with loads being caught.  Most anglers chose to fish all along the Chesil with fish being caught like Gurnards, Bream, Mackerel and Doggies etc etc.  Top man on the day I here was Ken Sparks who had in his combined score card a good specimen Red Gurnard and Also a cracking LSD. Another good fish recorded was Darren Morgan with a good size Undulate Ray (11lb odd) The full results were Ken Sparks had 700 odd points and second place went to Stu Withyman with 500 odd points.  


The last of the Friday evening comps took place at Seaton, the fishing was not to bad with a few Mackerel, Scad, Smoothound and Sole being caught.  Best specimen on the night was Stu Withyman with his Sole of 1-4-0.  Winner overall on the night was Mike Spiller who recorded Mackerel, Scad and Smoothound. This means Mike gains another 5 Penn Club man points for this event. 


Have all the Mackerel all been caught or are they hiding?


The inter-club event against Beer and District took place recently at Budleigh and there was bits and pieces caught on the night.  Doggies, Wrasse and Mackerel made up most of the catches.  A full report to still get up on the site but I here we just managed to pip Beer on the Lively Lady event by about 50%. 


The second Friday evening comp took place on the 13th at Branscombe and the weather was cracking, fishing was ok too for the 5 hour match.  Fish caught were Huss, Doggies, Mackerel, Plaice and Bass.  Best single fish was a Doggie of 1-14-0 for Colin Berry.  Winner on the night for most points was Colin Berry who recorded Doggies, Mackerel and a Bass.  


The 2nd evening comp takes place tonight at Branscombe from 7pm - midnight, come on down as it should be a cracking night!  Don't forget to use your club pass to get cheaper parking (£2)  There will also be some Penn Club man points on offer for the top 5 anglers tonight too.


The first of the Friday evening comps took place last Friday at Budleigh, the fishing was from 7pm - Midnight.  This was also our second heat in the new Penn Sea League that we have joined up with this year. Fish caught during the comp were Doggies, Mackerel, Gars, Pout and Wrasse.  

Winner on the night was Stu Withyman with 227%. 2/ Mike Spiller 222%. 3/ Dr Kim 199%. 4? Ken Sparkes 198%. 5/ Colin Berry 197%. 


A few Smoothounds now starting to be reported along with a few tasty Mackerel from all the local beaches, time to dust off them rods and reels and get out there.


The May competition took place at the weekend at Cogden and around 14 took part on the day. I have not got a full report yet but there were Plaice, Doggies, Mackerel and Smoothound caught and released.  I did here on the grapevine Micky Kane done well with a good Plaice and a couple of good dogs.   Results on the night plus positions for the new Penn Sea League positions are :- 1/ Micky Kane 292%. 2/ Darren Morgan 247%. 3/ Trevor Churchill 239%. 4/ Stu Withyman 227%. 5/ Barry Codling 212%.


The Wyvern Open was fished at Slapton on Sunday with only 72 anglers taking part (very disappointing entry)  Fish caught during the match were Plaice, Mackerel and Gars.  Top man on the day was Rob Marshall from Taunton, Rob weighed in a Mackerel and Gar combination.  Runner-up was Dave Lane from Weymouth again with a Mackerel and Gar.  Club members that done well were Stu Withymans lady 'Bon' Oliver who came a good 6th with a Mackerel and Garfish (well done Bon)  Mike Spiller came away in 10th spot and Terry Hartnell was 11th.  The team of 4 was won by Anyfish Anywhere team.

The latest club junior comp was fished at Seaton at the weekend and I here there was a bit caught with Smoothound and Ray being caught. When I get more news I will put it up.

A nice Small Eyed was caught by Darren Bell at the weekend after fishing up the Channel with Stefan Herbert.  I don't think there was much caught during the day but the Ray weighed in at 9-6-8.  They both had a go on the reefs over the Low Water again on Monday I here, best fish reported from that trip was a Thorny of just over 6lb along with a couple of dogs! 


The April shore event took place at the weekend and because of the weather it was made into a rover.  14 members signed in to fish the comp on a fairly windy and wet afternoon and evening.  At the Midnight weigh-in it was apparent that some had gone home early due to the weather but there was still a bit caught during the match.  Ken Sparks came away with the best fish a Doggie of 2-2-4.  Karl Roberts was second with another Doggie of 2-2-0.  The fun fish roll over for the best flatfish was won by Mike Spiller with a flounder of 1-2-0 from Exmouth.  Other fish weighed in were Wrasse, Rockling and a Hound.

The Chesil Champs were fished yesterday and a fair number of club members took part in the competition.  I don't think the fishing was at it's best but Terry Hartnell done well and came third, he weighed in a bag of Doggies plus a single Whiting.  WELL DONE TERRY.   


News in from Darren, Stef and Taffy that they have again been up the Channel and had some nice fish.  Best of the half a dozen Thornies went to Darren with a fish of 10-5-0.  Taffy also had one up around the 8lb mark along with a few strap conger too.  Very good day sounds like to me chaps. 


Taffy made the most of a rainy day on Monday, being rained off from work he made the trip up to the North Coast in search some action.  It all came good at the last minute as he landed a cracking Cod from his chosen mark up there.  Si 'the silver eel man' weighed it up on his digital scales and it weighed a mighty 17lb 14oz.  (photo is up on the club Face Book page)  Well done Taff a new club record I believe.


A few members have been out and about this weekend.  Several members had a bit of a look around for an early Gilthead Bream, nothing found yet mind.  Stefan Herbert and Si Boeree had a nose around up on the North Coast and came up with a few small Thornbacks and a few Congers for their trying.  I believe Stef had one Thorny and Si had 3 Thornies.  All fish being released after weighing as per the normal. 


Just starting to pick up snippets of information that there are a few small Smoothounds being caught locally. 


Saturday was the March shore competition at Bexington and there were around a dozen or so taking part.  Conditions were not too bad with a fresh E to South East wind blowing along the beach. During the daylight there seemed to be loads of small Whiting and Rockling on each cast but as it got dark the Doggies took over.  No surprise at the weigh-in that everybody managed to record two Doggies on their score cards.  Best of the night was a fish of 2-2-0 for both Colin Berry and Barry Codling.  The spot pool on the day was not won for the best flatfish, this will be rolled over to the April comp.

It sounds as tho it was slow (ish) on the North coast too at the weekend with only Doggies being recorded from the Minehead area for both Stefan and Big Dan!   


Reports now flying around of a few Mullet being seen and caught in the local rivers all around our area.  A little bit more of the warm sunshine will make all the difference. 

A few Flounder are still being caught around the River Exe.  Stefan Herbert and Darren Bell went fairly recently and had a couple to around 1-8-0.  All the fish being caught on Crab baits. 


The latest junior comp took place at Seaton on Sat night.  It was a nice cold night and for a change there was a bit of fish caught and released.  Callum Hardwick was the only one fishing on this occasion but he did find 4 Doggies and two small Whiting for 287 points.  The best Doggie that he recorded weighed in at 2-4-0.  What can we do to encourage a couple more juniors to fish I wonder???


The presentation evening went really well up at the Hare and Hounds, we had somewhere in the region of 60 attend on the night and tuck in to their carvery.  The club invited two guest this year who were Dave and Marcus James from Minehead.  Craig and Dave done us proud on the trophy front and most of the awards were handed out on the night.  Anyone who would like to collect their awards who were not there on Friday should contact Dave Baugh to arrange a collection.

Mike Spiller tried his luck up on Portland at the weekend.  Three Wrasse were caught and released with the best one weighing 4-10-0.  The other two fish were around the 3lb mark.  All the fish came to hardback crab bait.  It was a cracking morning's fishing and the weather was perfect.


The Lively Lady Social night took place at Beer Social Club on Saturday Evening.  A good crowd from Honiton SAC went over to compete against members of Beer and District SAA.  On the night was Darts, skittles and a pub quiz.  Beer won the darts 3 points to 2 and Honiton won the quiz so it was all to play for in the mass skittle match.  Who ever won the skittles would be crowned as the Lively Lady winners.  It was tight but after three hands of skittles Honiton were crowned the winners as they won by 15 pins.

A big thank you to everyone at Beer for making it a great night and thanks to Kim for the crab sarnies.  The chicken curry was nice also.


Wayne Harwood has been out fishing over the weekend up on the North Coast, he joined a few friends for a day out on Saturday.  By all accounts a good session was had by all with a number of ray being caught and released.  Best one for Wayne was a Spotted of 4-0-0.

Darren and Stef were also out and about on Saturday and again I here they had a nice long walk to a mark up in the Channel.  Not much to report mind other than a couple of doggies. 


Well what can we say and do.  As far as I am aware no one has been anywhere near a beach to check it out.


The Feb shore rover has taken place and most of the 14 or so that fished went down around Slapton way.  It was a bit of a wild day weather wise with strong S/W winds but little rain!  Fish caught were Doggies, Pout and Whiting. 


The boys have been up on the North Coast again at the weekend, this time they dragged Si up with them.  I here Si and Darren done well with a few small Spotted Ray, Whiting and Dogs.  By all accounts Stef did not do so well as normal this time. Beep beep.  


Darren and Stef have again been up on the North Coast reefs in search of some fish. yesterday saw a Thorny from the reefs around Minehead.  In the afternoon over high tide on Gas works they had a couple of Whiting and Dogs.  Nothing exciting I here.      


The first comp of the year took place at Slapton last night and the conditions were good until the turn of the tide at about 9pm.  Around 15 members fished the event and the fish caught were Whiting, Doggies, Pout, Pollack and a single Smoothound.  Best fish was a Whiting for Ken Sparks of 1-6-0.  Bill Cassar came in close behind with a Doggy of 2-3-0.


A few flounder captures getting reported from the Exe and the Teign.  Mike Spiller fished in the Exe on Sunday, with plenty being caught between all the anglers there on Sunday morning.  Stefan Herbert managed to get into the prizes on the Teign on Sunday (T and B ASA xmas comp) Stefan had four fish with the best two up around 1-12-0, this was enough to get him a xmas hamper on the day.

Last week saw Stefan and Big Dan fish up on the North Coast in search of a Cod or a Ray, not much for Stef I was told but Big Dan did find a nice Thorny of 10-5-0 along withna few Doggies and the odd Whiting. 


The December shore comp took place at Seatown last weekend, the conditions on the day were ok but the fishing was a bit slow.  All that seemed to be caught were a few Doggies and Pouting and the odd small Whiting.  Top rod I here was Barry Codling. 


The November shore comp took place last weekend and 16 members fished at Abbotsbury on a cracking night. The fishing I am told was good also with 4 specimen Whiting being recorded in the catch and release event.  Paul Rouse and Lee had the best two Whiting which were up around the 1-14-0 size, Colin Berry also managed two good Whiting both just over the 1-8-0 mark.  Top rod on the day went to Paul Rouse who also managed Doggies, Plaice and a Sole.

Still some good fishing to be had around the beach at Seaton with reports from Leon Rice that Mackerel, Gars and Mullet still being caught during the day.


The flounder fishing around the larger estuaries in the West of the region seems to be getting into full swing at the moment.  Darren Bell had a recent trip recently and managed to record 4 fish, the best being a tidy fish of 2-8-12.  The other three were all around 1-12-0 mark.  The top bait on the day was peeler crab I am told.


The two day Flounder comp has just taken place at Teignmouth and what a great weekend it was for the weather.  A good number of club members fished the event on Sat/Sun.  The top three fish caught weighed 3-4-0, 3-3-0 and 3-2-0.  The biggest by a club member was a fish of 2-7-0 for Stefan Herbert, this gave him a prize for the Saturdays fishing..  Best club member on the Sunday was Wayne Harwood with a fish of around 1-12-0.  Well done to the Teignmouth club for a great weekend. 


The Westward Festival took place at the weekend and this year Blackdown were the host.  The weather was far from ideal but the event took place with shore zones at Minehead, Bossington and Porlock.  The boat had one zone that left Watchet harbour at 07.30.  I here the fishing on the day was ok but slow in some zones.  Unfortunately we had to fish the event with only 7 anglers as one team member had to stand down the night before with a problem.  I here the whole team caught fish in their zones so in all they could not have done much more on the day.

Positions on the day were first Weston Outcast, second place went to Watchet. Third spot was Blackdown. Forth Sidmouth and fifth spot was Honiton.  Three clubs did not sent a team to fish.  Well done to the Outcasts for winning on the day.  The host club for 2014 will be Budleigh SAC.  


There was a bit of a blow last night and I have not heard of much going on at present.  The Open at Chesil last weekend saw an entry of around 50/60 for the memorial match for Steve Marley.  As far as I know Dave Lane from Weymouth won on the day with two Gars.  Dave Bowyer managed to fill Third spot with two doggies and Terry Hartnell slipped into 6th Spot. 


Yesterday also saw the Torbay Shield take place down around marks in the Torbay area.  A good day was had by all and the fishing was ok with some good fishing had in some of the zones.  Mike Spiller came runner up in boat zone and Micky Kane and Steve Butler (Sidmouth SAC) won the Oddicombe zone jointly.  Winners on the day were Teignmouth SAS, well done to them, runners up were the Cormorants SAC.  Honiton ended up in 4th spot.  Well done to the team of Greg, Stu, Micky, Richard, Ronnie and Mike.  Well down to T and B ASA for staging a great day also.  


Taffy, Stef and Darren spent the weekend up on the North Coast chasing there Tope again and at last after 3 years searching and fishing hard Taffy had the breakthrough on Friday evening.  Around 8pm Taffy had a cracking bite which took 50 yards of line and soon after he was pulling in a nice Tope of 21-5-10.  After a quick picture the fish was slipped back in.  WELL DONE TAFFY.  Other fish caught over the weekend were Doggies and a nice Bull Huss for Stefan of 9lb.  There is also a story going around about some wet waders but I guess nobody needs to know too much about that!!! 

Seaton also seems to be kicking up some nice fish again.  Stu and Bon tried their luck there on Monday evening and came away with some nice Gar and Mackerel.    


The Lyme Bay shore took place at Seaton on Saturday night with all four clubs sending a team to fish.  The evening was a plesent one and we had about 40 anglers fishing in all from the clubs.  The fishing was ok with Mullet, Mackerel, Scad, Garfish, Dogs, Pollack and Wrasse caught.  West Bay run out the winners with 62 points with HSAC in the r/u spot with 42 points.  Lyme were third on 16 points and Beer finished with 15 points.  Mike Spiller did manage a nice Scad on the night which weighed in at 1-4-0.  Dr Kim also had his first Golden Grey capture, I think the weight was around 1-10-0. 

It seems a few members have had the trip to the Isle of Wight last weekend.  Si Boeree had a good trip,  he had been looking for a nice Undulate Ray for a while now and this trip he done the work and found a nice Undulate of 13.6lbs.  This was good enough to set a new club record for this species.  Well done Si, you have been after one of these fish for a while now. 


The lads are all back from the Ireland (Kerry) trip, safe and well (Kelvin the only one having a spot of bother in his kayak!)  The weather was grand and the sea was calm for a change.  All in all there were around 20 fish caught over the 100% barrier.  Best fish ended up being Bens Pollack of 7-14-0.  Terry Hartnell also had Pollack to 7-13-0 and 7-12-0 and he also had a nice Ling of nearly 7lb.  Colin Berry also managed a PB for his Pollack fishing with a fish of 7lb 10oz.  Other species caught during the week were, Bull Huss, Conger, Pout, Wrasse, Mackerel, Launce, Cuckoo Wrasse, Dabs, Octopus and Doggies. 

The September all-nighter has just taken place and the weather was not perfect by all accounts for the doz or so that fished it.  Most of the members fished along the Chesil for this 18 hour competition.  Fish caught were Doggies, Bream, Mackerel, Scad, Pout etc etc.  Top specimen on the night went to Richard Kemp who had a fine Pouting of 2-1-0. 


A few good fish being caught in Ireland already with 7 members in Kerry fishing here till Saturday.  Fish so far are Ling to 6-13-0 for Terry Hartnell and plenty of Pollack caught to live bait on the float.  The best Pollack is 7-14-0 for Ben Bradstock with plenty more being caught over the 6 lb mark.  The weather is good at the moment too. 


Seaton Carnival Open shore took place at Seaton on Friday and a good turn out of 40 fished the event.  Conditions were ok apart from a bit of rain early on in the match.  Fish caught in this 5 hour match were Doggies, Scad, Mackerel, Gars, Wrasse, Gurnard Bass and Mullet.  Top rod of the night was Ben Bradstock who recorded a Golden Grey Mullet of 1-12-0 and a Thick Lip Mullet of 5-3-0.  Second spot went to Rob Marshall from Taunton who had a Mullet and Mackerel combination.  Third spot was Mark Wittington who had a Wrasse and Doggie duo.  A good night and £45 was raised for the carnival coffers.

The boys (Darren, Mario and Stef) have been out again this time going for an early Flounder down on the Exe.  A couple small ones were captured I here along with a Bass for a Stef of around 3 lbs.  Another interesting fish caught for Stu was a long slimy type fish, but I here it was flicked off very quick! (he never fails)  


Last weekend saw the 12 hour Chesil rover and some nice fish were caught between the 14 or so that fished the match.  Most fished between Bexy and Chesil Cove in the East.  A good selection of fish were recorded at the weigh-in at West Bay at Midnight, these included Doggies, Scad, Mackerel, Sole, Smoothound, Bream and Gurnard.  Best fish of the comp went to Colin Berry with a Red Gurnard of 1-2-12 (117%)      



Could not keep happening for much longer, friends were taking him places to catch some fish all week, but I here he did it yesterday in a big way (or so I'm told) three double shots of big dogs was enough to keep Big Dan smiling all day :)

If you want to catch some Mackerel for Tea, get your self down to somewhere like Seaton or Sidmouth.  Never seen so many shoals of fish working together, late in the evenings.  Please remember only take enough for what you can eat or use for bait.  


Huge shoals of Mackerel seem to be roaming up and down between Sidmouth and Seaton in the evening, most probably why there have been a few decent Bass caught locally.  A few flats have been reported up on the Chesil I here.  Greg Jackson fished there last week and managed a couple for tea! 


By all accounts there was a simple comp on Thursday evening by a few at Branscombe 'who could catch the most Mackerel'  They lined up and Stu Withyman took a storming lead early on and kept his nerve during the evening and won the event, well done.  Stefan Herbert saw early on that he could not compete against the competition and decided to do some just simple bottom fishing.  During the night Stef managed Black Bream to 1-12-0, Bull Huss  and a nice Bass of 6lb.  If only Stef could have found the Mackerel!  


Last Friday saw the last evening event take place at Budleigh.  Conditions were nice and calm and warm and there were a few fish around too.  Fish caught included Mackerel, Scad, LSD, Pout and Gurnard.  Top rod on the night went to Ken Sparks who had a LSD and Scad combination.

The boys have been trying their luck up in the Channel with Stef, Darren and Taff having a go.  Top rod I here over the weekend was Taffy (somehow!) with a couple of Thornies.  (late news in, apparently they would have fitted through his top eye without touching.  There was also some form of nudity reported happening in the Minehead Pier area)  Quack Quack!


The all nighter took place recently with 14 anglers taking part, conditions I was told were perfect with warm weather and light winds.  Many fished along the Chesil and some went to Torbay.  The roll over for the best Mackerel went to Ken Sparks with a fish around 13oz (£40)  In fact it turned out to be a good night for Ken as he won the normal pool and the super pool with his specimen Red Gurnard of 1-2-0.  Another Red Gurnard of over 100% went to Micky Kane with his fish recorded at 1-1-0.


Stefan Herbert and Darren 'Beep Beep' Bell tried there luck up the channel at the weekend, the weather for it was good I here and the fishing was ok too.  Stef managed a few ray with the best one being a spotted of 4-8-0.  Darren's best fish of the tide was a super doggie of 1-6-0!!! 


A few anglers out and about at the weekend,  The Exeter lads tried their luck up on the Chesil at the weekend and it seemed the fishing was ok when you could hold bottom!  A few Doggies and flats were caught and there were a couple of cracking Pout caught by all accounts.  Azza had a good one or thought he did until Paul Rouse flopped his Pout on the scales, Paul's weighed 1.77 lb (approx 1-12-0) 


Apart from a few Mullet still cruising around in the rivers its seems a bit slow everywhere.  The odd Mackerel being caught on the local beeches and the odd Smoothound to crab bait still.  Other reports I have heard about over the last week or so is some nice Ray action in West Dorset with fish being caught well into double figures.


Last night saw the second heat of the Friday Summer league with Sidmouth as the venue.  Conditions were grim with strong Southerly winds and heavy rain for most of the match.   At the weigh-in it was evident by the number of people coming back that there had not been much caught during the match.  Greg Jackson turned up with minutes to spare of the close with a single bass of 46 cm which weighed 2-2-0. Being the only sizeable fish caught it won him the match.  


Saturday saw the inter club comp against Beer and District on the beaches from Seaton to Budleigh.  The fishing was ok but slow for some of the anglers trying their luck.  Our best fish of the night was a cracking Smoothound of 13-9-0 (160%+) caught by Paul Rouse on lug and Crab.  Paul also had the second best fish with a near specimen Doggie.  Other fish landed were Huss and small Ray.

Best 10 fish from Honiton was 826% and Beer managed to score 680% so HSAC run out the winners on the night. 


One or two mullet around to be caught in the rivers, seen a few caught my self at Seaton.  Leon Rice also had a nice one last week of 4lb   


A few anglers trying their luck on Seaton and Branscombe beaches over the last few days, fish reported are Doggies and the odd small Smoothound.  Still no reports of Mackerel around yet to catch! 


The first evening comp took place on Friday night and there was an entry of 14 anglers fishing.  Conditions were good for Branscombe and fish caught were Doggies, Huss and Plaice.

Top rod on the night was Dr Kim with a Dogfish of 2-1-0.  Second was Greg Jackson with another Doggie of just under 2lb.  Ken Sparks had the best Plaice with a fish of 1-5-0.    



This Friday will see the first of the evening events with the fishing from 7pm - Mid.  The venue on Friday will be Branscombe.


Last night saw the May shore event.  The fixture should have been Bexington but with a strong West wind blowing all day the fixture was changed at the sign on to a rover (any area) as per the rules.  Good choice too as reports stated that Chesil was very lumpy indeed!

Fun fish for the event was down to be a Mackerel and with that in mind a fair few headed off for Torbay or even Slapton to try and find an elusive Mackerel along with anything else that might be about!.  The fishing did seem fairy hard down at Slapton and Torbay with no Mackerel showing and even the doggies did prove difficult to locate.  Best fish of the night was a LSD for Karl Roberts who found some decent ones at Budleigh, Karls best was 2-3-0. Runner up for the best specimen went to Micky Kane who had a LSD one oz lighter at 2-2-0.  Other fish caught during the comp were Bass,  Bull Huss, Plaice, and Rockling.

The catch and release events seem to be working well on the shore comps with nearly all fish being weighed on the beach and returned straight away.  


Well at least we have seen some settled and warm weather at last.  But its down hill again for Thursday I here.  A few members have been out and about.  I have heard of a few Mackerel at Seaton and Budleigh and some Mullet from the local rivers on bread.  Things can only get better through May.


Barry and James Trevett tried there luck on a local beach and had one good fish between them along with a few Doggies.  Barry had the only Ray of the night but it was a nice Small Eyed of 9lb 12oz.  With a new Angling Trust specimen size set for Area D of 10lb it never made 100% but it still is a cracking fish.

Saturday evening saw the juniors fishing their comp at Seatown.  A bit on the cold side but both Callum and Billy caught Plaice and Pouting.  Nothing of much size but the biggest Plaice was just under a 1lb.  Top rod on the night went to Callum.


Please visit our face book page for up-todate pictures and catches.



Mackerel a little patchy in the boats from Beer and Lyme.  The odd Bass and Bream showing on the inshore hard ground.   Plaice do not seem to be around in numbers yet but Im sure they will show soon.


Local boats out from Beer and Lyme have been finding a few Bream already this year, now that is early.  Mackerel still seem to be in short supply also.   For a more up to-date report check out our face book page.


Well the weather is well and truly playing havoc this year on the boat trips.  The only fished heard of recently is Bill Cassar with a Pollack of 16lb 10oz  out from Brixham.


still a few good fish coming from the boats. Reports say that there are even a few bream still around out off Beer with Leons recent boat trip finding some along with loads of Whiting.  Mike spiller also had a cracker of a Whiting of nearly 4lb out from Weymouth.


The weather is still playing havoc with any boat trips in the last month.  There should be some nice Whiting out there for the taking. 


Still some nice fish out there if you can get the weather nice to reach them.  Nice Bream along with big Mackerel and Gurnards.  The whiting can only just be around the corner waiting to come inshore.


Some cracking fish coming in from the usual places like Beer With Bream everywhere at the moment.  Fish up to 5lb are showing and 3lb-4lb fish common.  Red Gurnards are also being caught with James Trevett finding a few up to 1lb 8oz.


The local boats are finding some good fish at the moment.  Plenty of bream and pollack along with gurnards etc.  Leon recently had a nice chubb mackerel out with Cyril.


Fishing is at last picking up some what now.  Bream and Gurnards are know showing but the Mackerel seem thin on the ground.  Adam Taylor won the Self Drive Plaice Comp last night at Beer with 3 nice Plaice.  2nd was Karl Allen and Third was James Trevett.


At last boats are starting to get out on both the South and North coasts.  The trips from Beer are finding Pollack, Mackerel, Pout, Doggies and Wrasse.  Very soon we should see the start of the Black Bream in Lyme Bay.


Just the odd boat getting out still.  Leons trips finding a few Pollack and Whiting.  A couple of small boats got out from Lyme last week and had Bull Huss and a few Pollack.


Not sure if anyone has got out yet!  Normally once we get into late March or early April it will start to pick up some what.  The Mackerel and Plaice normally start to show.  


The weather does seem to be hindering the boats getting out so not that much happening at the moment.  Bill Cassar has been out from Brixham and found some nice Pollack up to around 13lb.  Mike Spiller fished out from Watchet at the weekend, fishing was poor but he did find a Thornback of around 7lb. 



A few around in the boats on both the south and north coast.  There were some nice Spur dogs caught out from Minehead recently along with a tasty Cod of 15lb for Steve Butler.  Best of the Spurs was 13lb plus for both Mike Spiller and Karl Allen, Tom Travers had one of 12lb plus also. 



Well there were still a few Bream around out from Beer but with this cold weather coming that might be it fir now.  A few nice Whiting along with Mackerel were caught recently out from Beer.  

Mike Spiller had a nice Cod recently of around 8lb and the boys have been out from Lyme in the small boats and had some Undulate ray, Pollack and John Dory. 


If you can get out with all the wind around at present there are some nice fish to be caught locally.  Big mackerel and black bream being caught on the local reefs.

The club held its 2 boat summer farye at Minehead recently and a great day was had on both boats.  Fish caught were Doggies, Conger, Rockling, Huss, Whiting, Blondes, Small eyed, Thornbacks and Blondes.  For the 3rd year running Jim Ogbourne came out on top with 360 pts.  Nor far behind was Mike Spiller on 323 pts.  


The beer boat trip went out on Sunday and it didn't turn out too bad in the end.  A nice few Bream came aboard plus all the other normal bits and pieces that visit the reefs. 


The Small boat event has just taken place at Salcombe and had a great entry from club members taking part on both days.  Lots of fish caught in the small boats.  James Trevett came 2nd in the event catching a conger and small eyed combination.  8th spot went to Wayne Harwood and 9th went to Mike Spiller.  Steve Butler took the best Flatfish award with a Plaice of 1lb 8oz.  A great weekend camping and a good laugh.


The weather is not helping at the moment with wind and rain more recently.  Young Archie Sweatland has been out with Uncle Luke and had Bass, Cod, Gars, Small Eyes, Undulates and Thornbacks just off Beer and Seaton.  Adam Taylor had a nice Tub Gurnard from Lyme recently of nearly 3.5lb whilst out with Tom in there small boat.  Plenty of Bream now around at all the normal spots out there.  Leons midweek trips have been finding plenty along with other bits and pieces.


Boats out from Beer now seem to be finding some nice Black Bream at last.  Leons midweek trips have been a little slow but recently a few Cod, Bass and bream have shown up.  Mackerel and Plaice are still being caught in around Seaton, so its always a good bet to get out and give it a go.

The Beer Regattaa self drive competition was held by the club last weekend and a great day was had by all with lots of fish being reported.  In all some 15 species were caught and released on the 4 hour event.  Winner was Barry Trevett from Sidmouth with 10 species.  Runner up was Mike Foyle from Bournmouth with 9 species.  Two specimen Red Gurnards were caught, Chris Sweatland had one of 1lb 110z and Mike Spiller had one pf 1lb 4oz. 


Dens funeral took place during the week and around 150 people came along on this sad day.  RIP Dennis and thanks for all you have done for everyone.

Well the first Bream are now being caught off Beer. Leons trip have seen some plus Pollack and Gurnards.   James ventured out on his Yak and had a nice Thorny of 12lb along with Mackeral, Dogs and Gurnards.

Last weekend we had the Inter-club boat against Beer and District.  A good day was had with Mike, Scott and Adam lifting the cup for Honiton for another year.  The score was tight with Honiton Beating beer by around 20 pts.  Best fish of the day was a nice Bass for Mike Spiller of 6lb 2oz. 


A very sad post that has to put up but last Friday at 11pm our Chairman Dennis Retter sadly passed away after a short illness.  At this very sad times we are thinking about Pam and the rest of the family.


Boats have been getting afloat from time to time but the May water seems to be putting fish down a bit at the moment.  Plaice are being caught in the boats at Seaton Bay to worm,prawn and squid baits.  It wont be long until we see a few Brill and Turbot showing up!    James Trevett has been been out with his brother from Axmouth and found some nice inshore wreck Pollack up to 15lb 

Leons midweek trip have been affected by the May Water with the fishing slow of late.  A few Pollack on the reefs, Chris Grady did have a nice Tub Gurnard of over 4lb when out with Cyril.  The first of the Minehead boats got out in early May with Marcus on the Mary Ellen, fishing was ok with a smattering of Rays with Tom Travers catching both Small Eyed and Thornbacks.  Paul Munday caught and lost a nice Smoothy at the side of the boat.  Junior Archie Sweetland was out with the lads and found a nice Small Eyed Ray of 5lb along with plenty of Doggies.  Best fish of the trip went to Mike Spiller with a nice Small Eyed of 11lb 3oz. 


Well the local inshore reefs are now starting to fish well with Leons midweekers having some great catches out with Cyril on Blue Lady.   Plenty of Pollack being caught along with Herring and Mackerel.  A nice Undulate was also boated.

Mike Spiller went out with Dave Pitman from Weymouth on the boat Atlanta last weekend.  Mike Landed around a dozen Black Bream up to 2-9-0 to the East of Weymouth.  Mike also had a tasty Turbot during the trip along with Pollack and Doggies.


Boats seem to be getting out more regular at last know.  Bill Cassar had some nice Spurs recently up at Ilfracombe, best was one of 16lb.  The boats at Beer are getting afloat and finding all the normal reef fish along with a few Plaice in the bay.  Club junior Archie Sweetland had a good day at Beer on Sunday he had a good catch of Pollack, Wrasse and Pouting.  T om Travers also took his new own boat out at Lyme and found some nice fish with Pollack to around 7lb.


A few now getting out on the local marks.  James Trevett has been out with brother Barry and found some nice pollack to just over 15lb.  The first club trip for ages got out from Beer last weekend and we saw over 10 different species caught, a few nice huss, wrasse and conger all coming aboard.  Leons midweekers have been out with Cyril also and they have seen a few Pollack and all the normal reef fish on the drift.


A little more happening now at last.  Bill and Karl have found some tasty Pollack from Brixham fishing aboard the boat Spot On.   Mike Spiller fished out from Beer on Sunday and managed 9 different species of fish which included a nice Cuckoo Wrasse of 1lb 6oz.  Other fish caught in this Feb trip was Mackerel and Tub Gurnard!!!


Its all a bit slow!


Reports of Bream still being caught off Beer last week along with Mackerel and Garfish! CRAZY

Stu Pike had a great catch last week from his own boat at West Bay with a cracking Undulate Ray of 15lb 14oz.  Not to be out done Steve Butler had a cracking Brill out from Beer with Kim Aplin, it weighed 7lb 11oz.  Two very nice fish indeed.


A few trips have got out locally and from weymouth and Brixham.   Bill and Karl have been out on Spot on at Brixham and found some tidy pollack, Bill also found a nice tasty Bass before this years ban had come in!.  Mike Spiller fished at Weymouth a couple of weeks ago and had three nice Blond Ray to 14lb, other fish caught were Doggies, Whiting and Pout. 

Leon had a midweek trip over the xmas break which found a few nice reek Pollack on the reefs for Dave Baugh and Mike Spiller.   Other fish were Doggies, Pout and still a nice few Mackerel around!

On another trip out over Xmas Mike Spiller and Chris 'The Skin' Sweetland had plenty of Whiting and Mackerel down to the west of Beer.  Chris had a nice Mackerel of around 1lb 6oz along with a few nice Whiting to over 2lb. 


Not much activity in the boats at present but Leon is managing to get out when the weather is good.  Plenty of Whiting and Mackerel are now being caught down towards Sidmouth.  With Sprat showing them Bass cant be far away!


Still plenty of Bream about I am told out off Beer and Lyme.  Leons boys have been finding them during the midweek trips, several of these are well over 3lb in weight.

Jimbo fished aboard the Rose Anne a few weeks back and he had a first in the club which was a Chub Mackerel of 1lb 5oz, this will set a new club record.  


Still a nice lot of Bream around off Beer and Lyme I here via James Trevett and Leon Rice.  Plenty being caught along with a few Bass and Gurnard.


Still good fishing out from Beer according to Leon over at Sidmouth.  A few cod starting to show and the Black Bream fishing has picked up at last.


Good fishing continues off Lyme and Beer with some good catches of bream etc.  Leon Rice trips have seen some nice catches midweek with Cyril.

A club trip up off Minehead a few weeks back was patchy but did see some ray and smoothound catches and some nice conger.

28-8-16.  The summer farye took place up at Minehead at the weekend and the fishing was ok.  Fish caught were Ray, Conger, Doggies, Huss and Smoothouds.   Jim Ogbourne retained his crown again this year on Marcus boat. Secound place was Mike Spiller and the best on the other boat was Adam Squance and Richard Trim.

Leon had a midweek trip today out from Beer and again so good fish were caught along with a few tasty Bream.  Reports also that on Saturday a small Stingray was caught on Cyrils boat by Carol Pike and it weighed around 5lb.  


All sorts of fish are now being caught locally out from Beer with Cyril plus small boats working out from Lyme.  Bream are now showing well with plenty being caught some days.

The Beer regatta self drive open took place last week with 30 anglers taking part in 10 small boats.  The winner on the day was Terry Harrtnell with 7 species and a Gurnard of 12oz. Second spot went to James Trevett with 7 species plus a smaller Gurnard. Thanks to all that made this event work.


A few mixed bags still being caught with lots of Smoothound up around Minehead. Lots of fish being recorded around 8lb.  Mike Spiller took his own boat out from Lyme and found some Plaice, Smoothounds and a solitary Black Bream.

Scott Rice had a cracking Wrasse from his kayak at the weekend it weighed well over 5lb (nice one Scotty)  James Trevett has just returned from an Alderney trip and some nice fish were caught including Turbot to 7lb and some nice Ling to 27lb. James also managed a small Tope on the last day of around 20lb. 



A few bits now showing from the boats.  Some good hounds up at Minehead mostly around the 7lb mark.  Adam Squance had a 11lb er last week and James Trevett did manage a nice Small Eyed just over 10lb.  Both  fish out with Marcus James on the Mary Ellan.

At Beer and Lyme all the normal bits coming in over the last few weeks.  Mike Spiller had a nice cod of 11lb out with Cyril, other fish on the boat were Plaice and wrasse etc etc.  Leons midweekers have seen some Pollack and the odd Cod plus Plaice.   James and Barry Trevett ventured out from Dartmouth and had some decent Cod and Ling with a few Pollack for good measures.  


When Cyril is away the boys will play Leon said today!  With Cyril away on holiday Leons trip went out with ghetie on Friday and what a day they had with plenty of nice fish with Pollack, Cod and Bass reported.  Other fish caught were Gars, Wrasse and Gurnards. 


The last Beer trip saw some Pollack along with all the normal reef fish caught.  A few Mackerel showed up along with a Garfish for James.  There were also some nice Plaice caught in the last hour just off Seaton.   Leons trips have also been good with plenty of fish being caught.  Chris Grady by all accounts has been fishing his socks off.  WELL DONE CHRIS.

James and Barry Trevett have also been out recently in James boat moored at Lyme, best cuckoo of the day went to James with a fish of 1-4-8.


Fishing starting to gather pace at the moment with some nice fish being reported from most areas.  James Trevett and Mike Spiller had a trip out from Weymouth at the weekend, James done well landing a Turbot, Brill, Thornback and the first Black Bream of the season.  Mike did however manage to winkle out 4 Red Band Fish to set a new club record.

Leon reports Pollack, Herring, Garfish, Mackerel and some nice Gurnards being landed on most trips out with Cyril at Beer 


A few trips have got out in the midweek from Beer and up on the North coast.  Leons trip saw some nice fresh Mackerel and Herring along with a couple of nice Tub Gurnads.  A few fish around in the channel with the odd Smoothounds along with Huss and Conger.


A few nice Pout and Cuckoo Wrasse have been caught recently with Leon Rice having a couple of Pout well over 3lb out from Beer.  James and Barry Trevett along with Scott Rice had some nice Cuckoo Wrasse during the week with half a dozen fish over the 1-4-0 weight.  James had the best at 1-12-8.  James and Mike Spiller had another go on Saturday and Mike manages two fish over specimen with the best at 1-8-0. 

It has also been reported that two nice Cod were caught out from Beer with the best at nearly 30lb!


Leon has managed to get out just from Beer in the week.  A few nice Whiting and there were a few nice plump Pout landed during the day.  Best one was around 3lb 6oz for James Trevett.  James managed to get out in his small boat this week from Lyme and a few nice pollock were caught on the inshore wrecks.  Best one of these was 13lb. 

7-2-16. Well the bad weather continues with constant wind and rain.


James, Barry and Scott fished from there own small boat up at Minehead and a good day was had.  Best fish was a Small Eyed just over 11lb for James.  other fish caught during the trip were Cod, Conger, Blonde Ray.

Last Sunday the first trip of the year took place out from Beer.  Not a fantastic day but everyone landed Doggies, Pout and Whiting.  Bill and Karl have been out wrecking from Dartmouth and found a few bits and Pieces with Karl having the best Pollack around 12lb. 


Well what a wash out, has anyone been???


The Westward Festival took place at Blue Anchor and Minehead yesterday with 8 clubs taking part.  A nice day weather wise but the fishing was generally a bit slow.  Winning club on the day were West Coast with Blackdown in runners up spot.  Honiton came away in 7th spot.  A big thanks to the whole team for taking time out and supporting this event.


Not much happening on the boat front at the moment as the weather seems to have closed in a bit now.  Mike Spiller did manage to get out from Weymouth recently on the boat Atlanta.  A nice selection of fish were caught during the day and Mike got his first Undulate Ray which weighed in at 13-4-0.


Club trip last weekend with Cyril was a little slow but a few fish did show in the end.  A couple of small Ray fro Scotty Rice (Undulate and a Blonde) Steve Butler had the only small Bream of the day with two small fish.   apart from that it was a few odd Doggies and some small Plaice.


Terry Barrett also had a go out on the Skerries area with his good friend Gordon Richards at the end of last week and by what I have heard had a great trip on Gordon's private boat.  Best fish for Terry on the day was a massive Blonde Ray of 31-9-12.  Lots of other rays were caught during the day with many in the 20lb range.

Leon managed to squeeze in a quick trip with Dave Newton at Beer between the weather last week.  Again Leon found the biggest Bream on the day with fish of 3-11-0.  New club member Chris Grady also joined them for his first trip with the club, Chris had a great day landing lots of PB's on the day which included Pollack and Bream.  Well done Chris glad you had a great time with us.  


The midweekers had a trip out from Beer last week and again found some nice fish topped off with another nice Bream for Leon Rice of 4-4-0.  By all accounts they had a few small Cod to go with the haul.  James Trevett also took his New SMALL BOAT out from Lyme for a few hours.  Fish caught were a nice few Cod and some small Bream.   Scott Rice joined the crew for one of the midweek trips with Cyril Newton, Scotty was rewarded with a cracking Bass of 11-2-0.  (NICE FISH SCOTT)


Had the club trip out from Beer last week and conditions were perfect on the boat 'Blue Lady'.  Instead of fishing the reefs it was decided to push offshore in search of big Bream and Conger on the inshore wrecks.  Both of these fish were captured with Leon Rice having the best Bream with a nice fish of 4-7-0.  Other good ones were caught also by Wayne Harwood and Mike Spiller around the 3-0-0 mark.  Congers also showed up on the day with many taken all around the 20lb mark. 


Still a few Cod and other bits and pieces being caught out from Beer.  Leon Rice went out this week and had the best of the Bream with a fish of 3-12-0.


Some nice fish have been reported recently from the boats.  Leon has been out with the midweek crew and found some nice Cod, Plaice and Bream.  Leon also recently had a cuckoo Wrasse of 1-14-0.  The monthly trip went out with Cyril last Sunday and it was not too bad with a few Bream caught along with all the other normal bits and bobs caught.

Bill Cassar went out with Kim Aplin on Saturday and recorded a Cuckoo Wrasse of 1-4-8 and on the Sunday Bill, Karl and Terry went out on Spot On at Brixham and had a good day.  Some nice Ling and Cod were caught and Terry had a nice Black Bream on the wrecks of 5-4-8.

Great news that Terry Hartnell once again won the Beer Regatta Open Boat comp recently.  Terry fished with Kim Aplin on the Sambi and won the points competition by 9 pts.  Well done champ!  


A few nice fish are now coming in off the Beer trips.  Leon has had his midweek trips and found some nice Bream, Cod, Bass and Gurnards.  Its nice to see the Black Bream at last coming into play on rod and line.  Last Sunday saw the monthly trip out from Beer on the Blue Lady, again a good selection of fish were caught through the day.  Along with a few Plaice they had Bream and some Cod on the Tennants.

Mike Spiller and Steve Butler have just returned from Sandland Brygge in Norway.  The eight days fishing were good along with the weather.  Fish caught were Cod, Wolf fish, Haddock, Dabs, Coalfish and Halibut.  Steve done well catching some nice PB's Coalfish, Wolf fish, Cod,  Halibut and Haddock.  Steve best Halibut was in the range of 25lb ish.  Mike also managed to find some Haddock, Dabs, Wolfies, Cod and Halibut, Mikes best Halibut was just over 80lb.  In all the party of six had around 47 Halibut during the trip.  One of the other parties there from Lyme Regis had the best Halibut of the year from Sandland, it was caught in just 20m of water and weighed 165lb ish.  


Leon Rice has been out and about at Beer again on the Blue Lady.  Some nice fish were recorded with Bass, Cod Pout and a monster Cuckoo Wrasse of 1-12-0! Now that is a nice Cuckoo


Mike Spiller went afloat out from Minehead last Saturday and a good day was had by all.  Marcus James took the trip out on the 'Edwin John'  A few nice Smoothounds were caught with best going 11-8-0 for DOE sac member Steve Parker.  There were a few Blonde Ray caught with the biggest at 14lb, lots of Conger getting near to 30lb for the biggest and plenty of nice size Bull Huss to around 11lb. 


Bill Cassar and Karl Roberts have returned recently from the C I on the boat 'Spot On' from Brixham.  By all accounts they had a great time and caught plenty of fish on the five day trip.  Lots of small Turbot to no great size but they did have some cracking Brill to 9-1-0 for Karl  Other Brill caught also weighed in at 5-12-0 and 6-9-0.  Other fish caught were Black Bream to 4-5-0 for Bill cassar plus the party also had Cod, Pollack and Conger.  Sounds like a good trip to me.

The two boat Minehead Summer Farye competition took place last weekend and Jim Ogbourne came out on top, James Trevett took the honours for the R/U spot on what turned to be a bit of a poor day really on Minehead standards.  However there were Rays, Bull Huss, Dogs, Bass, Codling, Congers and pouting caught during the match.  


A few nice Bass now starting to show.  Mike Spiller took his own small boat out last night and found a nice Bass of 8lb to his live Mackerel bait suspended just off the bottom.  It was also nice to see a few Mackerel around now also.


James Trevett took his own boat out from Lyme yesterday and found some nice fish.  A good mixed day was had with a couple of Bass also.  Best fish of the day was a Cuckoo Wrasse of 1-9-0 for brother Barry.  


A good trip out with Cyril yesterday on the monthly Sunday trip.  A good number of Cod to 8lb along with a dozen or so Plaice to 2-8-0.  Ronnie Cockett had the best Plaice at 2-8-8.  Scotty Rice had the most Cod on board with 7 or 8 fish.  Other fish caught were Wrasse, Pollack, Mackerel, Doggies, Garfish and Pouting.  A good all round sort of day and Wayne kept us laughing for most of it.   


Still some good fish coming in for the boats fishing out of Beer and Lyme Regis.  Mike Spiller took a trip out from Minehead last Saturday on the boat 'Teddy Boy' and had a really good day on the Hounds and Bull Huss loads of fish caught all day with Hounds to around 10lb.


A few fish starting to show now out in Lyme Bay.  A nice few Cod around on the wrecks I here with one or two Bass also (remember now you can only keep 3 fish)  Mackerel still seem to be hit and miss at times.


Bill Cassar and Karl Roberts took a ride out with Marcus at Minehead on the 'Mary Ellan' yesterday.  By all accounts it was a cracking day with some good fish caught during the day.  Bill had the best of the fish with a Small Eyed of 10lb 8oz along with a nice Huss  of 10lb and Smoothound also to 9lb.


10 anglers went afloat with Dave Harrisson at Dartmouth (Gemini) yesterday.  The trip was a Plaice trip drifting over the Skerries Band.  Around 50/60 were caught during the day with everyone taking a few tasty fish home for tea.  The best one of the day was caught by Ronnie 'the Rocket' Cockett. Other fish caught were Mackerel, Gurnard, Whiting and Small Eyed Ray.


Still reports of a few nice Plaice coming in from the boats over the weekend, at least now they would be worthy of keeping for the table if you wanted one?

Two boats went out from Minehead yesterday on what turned out to be a lumpy day wind wise.  Still a nice bit caught, mainly on one boat anyway.  All four main Ray types were caught (and released)  Sissy Stanford had a nice Small Eyed of nearly 9lb and Dave Baugh had a Thorny of 8lb.  The best Smoothound went to Wayne Harwood with a nice fish of just over 11lb.  Other fish caught were Rockling, Whiting, Doggies, Codling and Bull Huss.  Best fish of the day was Wayne with his Smoothound. 


Leon Rice had his midweek trip last week and there were a few bits and pieces around for the anglers.  Fish caught were Cod, Pollack etc.  By all accounts it was jelly fish central out there!


M Spiller had his first Minehad trip last week and it was a tadge windy.  It was from the S/W so it was not too bad on the day.  Chris and Archie Sweetland came along on the day and they had a good day with Doggies, Thornback Ray and Small Eyed Ray, Archie had the best Thornback with a fish just over 8lb.  Not much else about but Alex Parker did find an early Smoothound with a fish of nearly 12lb.

Still some nice reports coming in of a few nice Plaice being caught all around Lyme Bay with good numbers being caught at times.


Strong winds not helping at the moment with the boat fishing.  When local boats can get out the fishing seems to be ok with lots of Plaice inshore and on the reefs for Pollack, Cod, Wrasse and Doggies etc. 


The monthly trip took place last Sunday from Beer and there were two boats that went out with some members on both boats.  Fish caught were Cod, pout, doggies, Bull Huss, Ballans, Cuckoo Wrasse, Whiting, Pollack, Ling, Plaice and Conger etc.  Best fish on Blue Lady was Dave Baugh with a Cuckoo Wrasse of 1-2-0.  Also nice to see on the day was a nice Ling of just over 4lb for Wayne Harwood and a few Plaice were caught just off Seaton! 


Mike Spiller and James Trevett went out in James Alaska 500 small boat yesterday from Lyme and found a few nice fish.  James had a cracking early season Black Bream of 3lb 5oz.  They also found plenty of Pollack to 6lb, Cuckoo Wrasse to 1-4-0 and ended up with 16 Plaice between them to around 2lb in size.  A great day, cheers James. 


A few boats getting out and about again with this fine weather that we are having at the moment.  Leon Rice has got out a couple of times and found a few Pollack and Cod on the inshore reefs and wrecks. Hi is out today with Cyril on Blue Lady with Archie and Carol Pike.  A few Pollack have been caught with the best Pollack for Carol Pike of 14lb.

A few Plaice are also being reported by the Lyme boats, a nice few (but thin Plaice) are being caught on the local grounds to Lyme Regis, one boat reported over 75 in one trip.  Most of these were put back for another day.  Give it another month and they will be nice and plump and fat for the frying pan!


Bad weather playing havoc at the moment with the local boats at Beer.  Mike Spiller and Wayne Harwood got out from Minehead on Saturday with Steve Webber on the boat 'Ospray'.  It was only a short 4 hour trip but fishing was slow with a few Codling and Doggies a small Ray and one guy had a nice Spurdog of 14lb. 


The Lively Lady second heat took place on Sunday at Beer and it did not turn out too bad weather wise in the end.  Nice and calm but a chilly breeze made for a nice day afloat with Kim Aplin on the boat 'Sambi'.  Beer and District were taking a small 20% lead into this leg so it was all to play for in this 4 man team event.  The fishing on the day was ok ish with Pout, Pollack, Doggies, Wrasse, Whiting and Huss being caught.  Mike Spiller managed the highest score on the day with 340% and Bill Cassar had the best specimen with a Cuckoo Wrasse of 1-4-8. 

It was very tight when the scores were worked out but Honiton just managed to claw back to a 70% victory after the two heats.  A good day was had by all and many thanks to the Beer team for making a great day out there. 


Last Sunday was the monthly trip out from Beer with Cyril on the Blue Lady, more club anglers also fished with Kim Aplin on the Sambi.  Nothing tearing caught but all in all not a bad day with Pouting, Pollack,  Whiting, Mackerel, Doggies being caught.  Best fish on the day was Mike Spiller with a Pouting of around 2.5lb.


A bit of action happening at last with Mike Spiller managing a day afloat during the boat section of the Torbay Shield.  Fish Mike caught during the day were Conger, Ballans, Cuckoo Wrasse, Pouting and Doggies.  This was enough to give him second spot in the boat section behind Dave Winsborrow of the Teignmouth club.


Seems like everything has been blown off this weekend, roll on April/May !


A few boats have been out and about over the holiday period.  Mike Spiller had a trip out from Beer on the Blue Lady.  Whiting were the target fish for the table and some nice fish came aboard during the day.  Best fish was a Whiting of nearly 3lb.  


Leon reported that Scott Rice had been out in his Kayak recently and had some really good fishing locally.  Loads of Conger up to around 20lb, Plaice, Gurnard, Whiting and Doggies.  All coming in around Seaton Bay.  Sounds a good trip. 


A few nice Whiting and Mackerel being reported from Leon's mid week trip last week.  It seems the fish are feeding well down on the Western grounds.


A bit of action from some of the small boat guys at the weekend.  James and Barry Trevett took their boat to the Dartmouth area on Sunday and were rewarded with some nice Blonde Ray action.  A good number of fish being caught up to nearly 24lb.  No Plaice reported on the Skerries but Barry did pick up a nice Red Gurnard of nearly 2lb.  

Mike Spiller also got out in his 15 ft Shetland on Sunday, this time targeting some Flounder in the River Exe.  In all Mike had four Flounder with the best one weighing 2-5-0.  All the fish being caught on Peeler Crab.


A few trips getting out mostly from Beer when the weather is fit.  Still a few Bream and Gurnards around but they do seem to be thinning out now the Winter weather is approaching.  On the last trip out from Beer last weekend there was mixed fishing for all with Bream, Gurnards, Mackerel, Garfish, Pout, Whiting, Doggies and Wrasse being caught.


The monthly trip took place out from Beer a couple weeks ago and it was touch and go for a while if we went. (choppy)  In the end we went along with Kims boat with Bill and Karl and gave it a go, and to be honest it was not too bad once we got the anchor to dig in!!!(not sure if Ronnie would agree mind)  Fish came in fairly steady during the day with Wrasse, Pollack, Bream, Gars, Doggies, Mackerel, Pouting and Gurnards.  Steve Butler did manage a nice reef Pollack of 10-0-8 on Mackerel bait.

Leon had one of his midweek trips last week and again I don't think the weather was ideal on the day.  A good mixed days fishing was had and James Trevett did manage another nice Black Bream of nearly 4lb. 


Leon had a midweek trip yesterday and they just managed to have a good day but the weather was not perfect.  Plenty of good fish were caught and also lost by all accounts (Craig)  A good number of Bream were caught during the day with also Gurnards and a couple of very tasty John Dory!


Hopefully when the weather gets better the fishing will still carry on and be good.  The Torbay Shield was cancelled last weekend due to the weather forecast.  The next boat trip out from Beer should be this Sunday!


Plenty of good fishing being had out from Beer on the local boats.  Leon Rice had a mid week trip last week and had his best ever day fishing for Bream and other fish.  More than 100 bream caught and mostly returned for another day.  Other fish caught were big Mackerel (over 2lb) along with all the other normal species.  Leons best Mackerel was weighed at 2-3-0.

Mike Spiller a quick trip with Kim Aplin on Sunday, just managed to get out before the strong winds came.  Not a brilliant day but plenty of Bream and Gurnards were caught along with a few other bits and pieces.  


Still the ray and Bream are being caught out off Beer.  Last Sunday saw the monthly trip with Cyril and it was not a brilliant day for some reason (one angler blanked!!!!!)  Best fish was Richard Kemp with a Red Gurnard just under specimen.  Other fish caught were Wrasse, LSD, Mackerel and Bream.

Dave Baugh recently broke the club record for a John Dory with a fish of 1-12-0 out from Beer. 


Bream and more Bream seems to be the normal catch in the boats out off Beer at the moment.  Leon Rice has had some nice ones up to around 3lb +.  Dave Baugh fished the midweek trip recently and had another cracker of 4-12-0, Archie Pike also had some bice ones too up to nearly 4lb.

Mike Spiller and Terry Hartnell have recently come back from boating in Norway.  Plenty of fish were caught and returned, the six strong party had 93 Halibut during their stay to a weight of 86lb.  The Cod fishing was also good and the best one of the bunch weighed 61lb for Juliun Driver.  Other fish caught were Coalfish to around 25lb, Haddock and Wolffish.   


Beer Regatta boat comp took place last weekend and all in all it did not go too bad.  The weather was far from ideal but the fishing was good with a fair bit caught during the day.  Winner of the day was Andy Osborne who was fishing with Greg Westlake.  John Stanford did manage to get into third spot and he also managed to win the best Bream cup with a fish of 1-9-8.


The first heat of the Lively Lady boats took place out from Beer on Sunday aboard Kimmers boat 'Sambi'.  Two teams of four anglers from both Honiton and Beer and District went head to head for the first heat of the year.  In all some 12 different species were caught during the day with Mike Spiller gained the most points on the day with 390% (weighing in one of each species)  The best specimen on the day went to John the sissy Stanford with a near specimen Cuckoo Wrasse of 92%.   At the end of the day it could not have been much tighter with Beer scoring 1187 % and Honiton just 18% behind on 1168%.  Well done to Beer and thanks for a great day afloat, with some good banter.  Second heat will be later in the year!


Cyrils boat the Blue Lady has again been featuring in some great catches last week.  On Friday two records were broken in one day with James Trevett recording a huge Black Bream of 5-2-0, James also had a cracker of a Conger of 70-0-0 dead which also takes Leons record away from the fish he had recently of 65-15-0.  All in all it sounds like a good day was had by most fishing aboard.


Again some catches being reported from the Beer boats with a good number of Bream being caught by Bill and Karl from Sidmouth.  Gurnards are also showing well at the moment, the best from Bills trip was Karl Roberts with a cracking Red Gurnard of 1-8-0.  By all accounts mackerel are still pretty scarce!!!   


Reports of still good fishing out from Beer with both Cyril and Kim Aplin.  Bill Cassar and Karl Roberts had a trip with Kim recently and had a few bits and pieces, Bill also caught and released a nice Small Eyed Ray of 9-8-0 which is nice to see.  Leon Rice also went out on Thursday with his crew and had some nice bream again along with a few Pollack 


A few getting out at the moment.  James Trevett, Wayne Harwood and Mike Spiller went down to the Skerries in James Alaska on Saturday and had a go for the Plaice on the banks.  Some 30 odd Plaice were caught during the day, many put back to grow bigger.  Best Plaice of the day would hane been around 1-12-0 size.

Sunday saw the normal monthly date with Cyril at beer.  Lots of different fish were caught with around 14 different species being recorded.  There were also a nice number (30) of Bream recorded also with a size up around 2.5lbs approx. 


Plenty of sport being reported out from Minehead with Marcus James, there are Smothounds all over the area up there.  Nothing massive reported to date, James and Barry Trevett have both had them well into the 13lb range and Mike Spiller had one just over 11lb.

On the Beer boats things also are hotting up with Black Bream now showing to 2.5lb and some nice Gurnard also being caught.  Dave Baugh managed a nice Red Gurnard a shade under specimen.  The best fish reported to date recently was a cracking Brill for John Stanford of 6-1-8.


A few medium size congers (34lb) were reported last night out from Lyme Regis.  James Trevett took to the seas in his Alaska 500 in search of a bit of fun and by the sounds of it it turned out to be a good evening all around. 


Leon Rice had his weekly trip out from Beer recently and I understand there were a few old faces present! (Trigger Dominy) a good day was had by all I here with a good selection being caught.  There were also a nice few tasty Cod and Bass taken for the table I here. 


Two boats from Minehead went out yesterday on the Summer Fayre and it was a fairy good day.  Six on with Dave James and six on with Marcus James for this 6 hour comp for catch and release.  Fish caught included Doggies, Smoothounds, Thornies, Small Eyes, Turbot, Bull Huss and a Tub Gurnard!

Winner of the day was James Trevett who scored 275 points.  Second spot went to Mike Spiller with 220 points and third was Barry Trevett with 200 points.  Best Smoothound of the day fell to Mike Spiller with a nice Starry of 11-4-0.

Other interesting things from yesterday, Big Karl managed three seagulls and Barry Trevett tried but failed to eat his breakfast off his lap :0)  


A few catch reports now coming through as the weather turns more settled.  Greg Jackson fished with some mates out from Weymouth at the weekend and sounds like a good day was had by all.  Fish coming aboard were Pollack, Cod, Ling and even had some Plaice on the Shambles.  Not sure of any weights but Greg sounded super excited when he came in!

Reports of a few Bream and Red Gurnard now being caught out off Beer with Kimmer Aplin on the boat 'Sambi'.  Karl Roberts also had a nice catch and release Conger of 50lb on Sunday with Kimmer.

Mike Spiller fished aboard Scooby Doo Too out from Watchett on Sunday morning. Plenty of Taunton Trout were caught along with Conger and Thornies, Mike also managed a tasty Ling, but lost a mother of a Smoothound :-( 


Leon's weekly trip out from Beer with 'Blue Lady' found a few different species.  About a dozen Cod were caught during the day drifting around out off Beer, nothing big but nice to see them still.  Other fish caught during the day was Red Gurnards to a good size.  Leon also managed a good Pout on the sidewinders during the drifting, this one weighed in at 3-1-0!


Mike Spiller had a trip out with Marcus James on the Mary Ellen at Minehead on Saturday afternoon and boy was it WET!  The sea was flat and this enabled the boat to push off a little and fish the deeper water.  Wayne Harwood managed a Tope of around 20lb.  Alex Parker of the Doe club and Chairman of the Wyvern Region had a nice Smoothound of 11-8-0.  His brother Steve also found some nice fish with Thornbacks, Bull Huss and Smoothounds. 


Well Leon Rice is really finding the fish recently.  On a boat trip out from Beer yesterday with Cyril Newton on Blue Lady they had a cracking day having a go for some Conger.  Around 15 were caught during the trip with the best one going a lumpy 65-15-0 for Leon.  Nice fish.


A good trip was had out from Minehead yesterday with Marcus James.  19 ray in total caught with Blondes, Small Eyed, Spotted and Thornback being caught.  Best of the Blondes were up around the 15lb mark for James Trevett.  Other fish caught included Conger to 23lb for Barry Trevett, Huss and a single Smoothound for Matt Kerslake of nearly 7lb.

On a midweek trip out from Beer in the week Leon Rice had a cracking Tub Gurnard of 3-11-0, by all accounts it was caught on a side winder!.  It was also reported that there were a nice lot of Pollack caught on the day by all.  


A few reports of fish coming through from the boats.  Bill Cassar had a nice Thornback Ray whilst out with Karl Roberts in their own boat from Lyme, reports have indicated that there were Smoothound caught also.  The Thornback for Bill weighed just under 13lb.

The monthly trip from Beer with Cyril Newton was fished on Sunday and for a change I here the weather was good but the fishing could have been better! One of the better fish caught I here was another nice Thorny for John Stanford into double figures. 


A few fish showing up now along our coast.  Mike Spiller took his own new boat 'The Isis' out from Lyme and found a few Plaice feeding up off Seatown along with a few Doggies to keep him busy.  Leon Rice has also been out on some midweek trips with Cyril at beer and catches have been ok with Pollack, Wrasse, Flounder, Whiting and Mackerel being caught.  Should be some Bream soon I reckon :) 


The first trip out from Minehead took place yesterday aboard the Mary Ellen with Marcus James at the helm.  Conditions were not great but the weather was not as bad as it should have been during the day.  Plenty of Doggies were caught along with half a dozen Ray, the best Thornback weighed 10lb (Barry Trevett) and the Blonde Rays that were caught were of similar size.  All in all in was a good day as per normal out with Marcus!  


Leon Rice has been out on a mid week trip from Beer this week and it was Pollack they were targeting on the day with the party on board.  Sounds like it all went to plan as Leon had a good number of fish to 12lb.


It was wind stop play at the weekend with South East winds forecast to 25 mph.  It was the first heat of the Lively Lady event on Sunday too, this will now tried to be re-arranged for another date.


Well it all seems to be kicking into gear this week in the boats out from Beer!  Leon Rice had his midweek trip out with Cyril Newton on Tuesday and by all accounts it was a great day with plenty being caught.  Leon had the best fish of the day which was a cracking Plaice of 4lb 5oz, this was one of two that was caught on the boat.  Other fish reported were Whiting to over 3lb and Mackerel to 2lb.  A few Smoothounds were also caught to around 7lb, add that to some Herring, it turned out to be a good day afloat!!! 

Bill Cassar also had a mid-week trip out with Cyril Newton on Wed and I would guess they ended up somewhere near where Cyril went the day before.  Again some nice fish were caught like good Whiting and plenty of Pollack up to 6lb. 


News in from Karl Roberts who fished out from Lyme Regis yesterday with Bill Cassar.  Tried a number of different tactics with not much luck through the day but then all of a sudden they hit a pack of Smoothounds and by all accounts had a nice little session catching Common and Starry variety.   


Yesterday saw the March boat trip from Beer and for a change it was dry, sunny and fairly calm.  11 members took part on the day.  In all there were Plaice, Whiting, Pout, Wrasse, Mackerel, Conger, Thornback Ray and Doggies caught during the 8 hour trip.  There were two specimen Pout caught during the day, both for Mike Spiller.  The best one was 3-4-8 and the other one was 3-0-0.   Richard Kemp came mighty close to a specimen with his Pouting weighing 2-15-8.  There were also some nice tasty Whiting caught and some of these were close to 3lb!.  


The presentation evening went really well up at the Hare and Hounds, we had somewhere in the region of 60 attend on the night and tuck in to their carvery.  The club invited two guest this year who were Dave and Marcus James from Minehead.  Craig and Dave done us proud on the trophy front and most of the awards were handed out on the night.  Anyone who would like to collect their awards who were not there on Friday should contact Dave Baugh to arrange a collection.  A big thanks to all at the Hare and Hounds for a great meal and a great night.


A few fish starting to show I here out in Lyme Bay, the water is starting to clear at last with fish beginning to return to all the favorite marks.  

Bill Cassar had a trip out with Marcus James at Minehead in the week, the tides were pretty hot on the day I here so fishing time out on the banks were fairy short.  A few dogs and some Ray sport with Blondes and Thornies being caught.


The Lively Lady Social night took place at Beer Social Club on Saturday Evening.  A good crowd from Honiton SAC went over to compete against members of Beer and District SAA.  On the night was Darts, skittles and a pub quiz.  Beer won the darts 3 points to 2 and Honiton won the quiz so it was all to play for in the mass skittle match.  Who ever won the skittles would be crowned as the Lively Lady winners.  It was tight but after three hands of skittles Honiton were crowned the winners as they won by 15 pins.

A big thank you to everyone at Beer for making it a great night and thanks to Kim for the crab sarnies.  The chicken curry was nice also. 


Managed to get out from Beer yesterday on 'Blue Lady' for the Feb trip and all in all weather wise it was great, fairly calm and bright sunshine all day.  The fishing on the other hand was absolute pants.  All that was caught all day were a couple of Pouting and a couple of Whiting, a few Doggies and Mike Spiller had a Huss of 5-5-0 and Craig Nation had a Conger of 22lb.  Still it was nice to get out. 


I don't thinks anyone has ventured out for a while now!


The midweek boys have been out with a break in the weather this week. Part of the day was spent drifting around for the Pollack or Cod but nothing was found I here.  The second part of the day was spent getting a few Whiting and doggies, some of the Whiting were up around the 3lb size.  It must have been nice just to get out on a flat sea.


Who would have thought after Saturdays weather we would have been out on a boat from Bee todayr, we did and it was a very good day with plenty of fish being caught.  Some 8 or 9 species were caught during the day.  Best fish was a Cuckoo Wrasse for Bill Cassar of 1-3-12, Bill was on with Kim Aplin on 'Sambi'  Best fish on Cyrils Boat 'Blue Lady' was Mike Spiller with a Pout of 2-7-4.  The points have not yet been worked out but I would have thought Karl Roberts would be in the lead after the first heat of the Winter series.  It was a good day with good company. 


Only one trip I am aware of that has been out was the club Xmas Whiting trip at beer last weekend.  Three boats were planned to leave Beer Beach and take to the water.  A good day was had during the day with Whiting, Doggies, Mackerel and a Red Band Fish for Malc Wheaton!!! 


Leon Rice had a trip out from Beer in the week and plenty of good Mackerel and Whiting were caught down to the west of Beer.  Other fish caught were Tub Gurnard and I also heard there was a Red Band fish caught for Les Bradbeer of Beer and District.

Bill Cassar and Karl Roberts took time out to go out from Minehead with Dave James in the week.  By all accounts it was a bit slow with the odd Conger and Thornback, but the Doggies were certainly starving on the day. 


Leon Rice was out with Cyril yesterday and it sounds like they add a very good day up on the Tennants.  Fish caught were Bream, Pollack, Cod plus Mackerel and Whiting. 


A few Whiting are now starting to show out from Beer I here and a few Mackerel are in the same area, I guess chasing the sprat shoals.  Leon Rice had a trip in the week down to the West of Beer and they had Whiting, Mackerel, Gurnards and Doggies.


 The Westward Festival took place at the weekend and this year Blackdown were the host.  The weather was far from ideal but the event took place with shore zones at Minehead, Bossington and Porlock.  The boat had one zone that left Watchet harbour at 07.30.  I here the fishing on the day was ok but slow in some zones.  Unfortunately we had to fish the event with only 7 anglers as one team member had to stand down the night before with a problem.  I here the whole team caught fish in their zones so in all they could not have done much more on the day.

Positions on the day were first Weston Outcast, second place went to Watchet. Third spot was Blackdown. Forth Sidmouth and fifth spot was Honiton.  Three clubs did not sent a team to fish.  Well done to the Outcasts for winning on the day.  The host club for 2014 will be Budleigh SAC.  


Leon and Scott managed a few hours out from Beer with Cyril last week. After only two hours they had to return as the wind got up I here.  The Bream were still about I here, Scott had the better fish on the day with a nice Cod and also a Pout of 3-7-0. 


Another good trip was had out in the boats at Beer Yesterday with well over 100 Bream caught and mostly released.  The best of the bunch was a cracker for Leon Rice who had the best of the year so far, it weighed 4-8-0!!!  Other fish caught were a nice Red Gurnard for Craig Nation (66) of 1-4-0 and also Vinny Srudwick land a nice Undulate Ray of around 12lb.  Again this is proof that the no trawling ban in the Lyme Bay box is a having a huge impact on fish captures with most species now seeing vast improvements.  Other species that seem to be on the up are John Dory, Thornback Ray, Bream and Gurnard.

Yesterday also saw the Torbay Shield take place down around marks in the Torbay area.  A good day was had by all and the fishing was ok with some good fishing had in some of the zones.  Mike Spiller came runner up in boat zone and Micky Kane and Steve Butler (Sidmouth SAC) won the Oddicombe zone jointly.  Winners on the day were Teignmouth SAS, well done to them, runners up were the Cormorants SAC.  Honiton ended up in 4th spot.  Well done to the team of Greg, Stu, Micky, Richard, Ronnie and Mike.  Well down to T and B ASA for staging a great day also.  


A trip out with Kim Aplin at Beer on the boat 'Sambi saw some nice fish recorded on Sunday.  The weather was great with a calm sea for a change.  Top rod was Wayne Harwood who recorded a cracking Bream of 4-3-12 and two nice Red Gurnards of 1-4-0 and 1-3-0.  Mike Spiller also had around a dozen nice Bream and had a cracking Red Gurnard of 1-7-12.  There was also a nice Cuckoo Wrasse weighed and released on the boat for Jan Parker from Plymouth, her fish recorded 1-4-0.



The Wyvern Region small boat Open took place at Salcombe last weekend and three boats from the club took part.  The entries were down (approx 60 took part) due to the forecast for the weekend (heavy rain and gales from the east)  Fish caught during the weekend were Triggers, Wrasse, Gars, Mackerel, Pollack, Thornback, Mullet, Spotted Ray and Plaice.  Best fish caught on the Saturday went to Mike Spiller with a Trigger of 2-8-0 and best fish on Sunday was a Wrasse of 5-0-0 for Justin weeks.  Results on the Sunday at 6pm was Justin Weeks in first spot with a Wrasse and Mullet combination (180%) this won him a new £800 Lowrance unit.  Mike Spiller held on to second spot with his Trigger and Wrasse combo for 142%, this won him a handheld GPS/radio.  Other club members also done well on the weekend, Barry Trevett took 4th spot and Barry also won the Pollack award.  James got in on the act winning the best of other species with his Mackerel, both James and Barry also had the runner up award for the pairs.  Well done to all who braved the weather last weekend.  Another interesting point is tent poles but that's another story for another day!!! 


The Sunday trip was as thought cancelled due to the weather and then the weather changed again and everyone seems to be getting out again!  Bill Cassar managed a nice Bream of 3-10-0 and Karl Roberts had another Red Gurnard of 1-4-0, both fish from the boats at Beer.  

Leon Rice reported that he got out again today from Beer with Cyril on the Blue Lady.  A good day again with Bream to 3-6-0.  Vinny Strudwick found a Red Gurnard of 1-5-0.  Also reported was lots of good Mackerel to 2lb odd!!! 


With the weather good members have been fishing hard this week from charter and their own boats.  Leon and Scott Rice had plenty of Black Bream out from Beer yesterday up to around the 3lb mark.  Leon did get a nice Mackerel of 2lb odd.  I also here James 'Iv had a John Dory' Trevett has been doing well also with some congers and Cuckoo Wrasse but he cant seem to find the Bream like Leon and Scott mind.  Oh and forgot to say he had a John Dory too!:))   The weather looks bad for Sunday mind and guess what? that's the only day I have a trip planned for!!!


Still plenty of good fish being reported in the boats fishing off beer and Lyme Regis.  Leon fished out along with Archie and Carol Pike and had a good day on the Black Bream, Leon had a nice one off 3-7-0.  James Trevett has been out with Scott Rice in James small boat and they also found some cracking Bream with some great fish landed again over the 100% rating.


Some nice boat fish now starting to get reported.  Leon Rice had another trip our from Beer on the Blue Lady and had some nice Bream (biggest was 3-5-0) and some nice Red Gurnard being caught with the best at 1-6-0.  

James and Barry Trevett took their own Alska boat out yesterday in search of the Bream and around 25 were caught and released.  James had the best one at 3-10-0, James also managed a nice Red Gurnard.  During the day they managed to catch 12 species and also saw a nice Sunfish! 


Mike Spiller had a trip out from Minehead on Sunday and a good day was had by all.  The weather was kind and the weather was warm for a change up there.  It was an 8 hr trip over the low water.  A good number of Ray were caught all day (around 25) with mostly smallish Small Eyed and a good number of Blonde Ray up to around 14lb.  Other fish caught during the day were Conger, Dogies and a Bass of 6lb for LUCKY John Stanford.

Leon has been out again from Beer with partner, Jane and again some good fish were reported by them both.  Around 22 Bream were caught during the trip with the best one for Leon of 3lb 6oz and Jane also had one of 2lb 8oz.


The monthly trip took place out from Beer on Sunday and it turned out to be okay in the end.  The weather forecast was not too special leading up to Sunday but in the end it was okay.  Fish caught were Doggies, Scad, Pollack, Bream, Wrasse, Bull Huss and a Brill!  'Jammy' John Stanford bagged up on the day with a super Brill of 6-10-0 and a nice Bull Huss of nearly 11lb.  The next best fish was a Cuckoo Wrasse of 1-2-0 for Scott Rice. 


James Trevett reported he fished with Dave Baugh up at Minehead on Thursday on the Mary Ellen.  Best couple of fish of the trip were a Bull Huss of near 10lb and a fair size Blonde Ray for Dave Baugh.

Leon Rice managed to take partner Jane out for the day in the week, no not shopping but a 4 hour trip with Cyril Newton at Beer!  Jane had the last laugh by beating Leon in the fishing.  Jane managed a hefty Conger and also caught the biggest Bream of the trip at 3-1-0.

Beer Regatta boat comp was fished last Saturday out from Beer.  Four boats took part in all each taking out 8 anglers for the day afloat.  The fishing was as normal first class all through the day with around 15 species of fish being recorded between the 32 anglers.  Best fish of the day was a Red Gurnard of 1-6-0.  Winner of the day comp was Terry Hartnell with around 450 points.  Runner up to Terry was Jo Westlake with around 430 points.  Best skipper/boat of the day went to Kim Aplin on the boat 'Sambi'.     


There was a bit on last Sunday but due to the weather it was all knocked on the head with those Southerly gales.  The second heat of the Lively Lady Boat comp suffered too and we will try and re-arrange between HSAC and Beer and District.


James and Barry Trevett have been at it again out from Lyme.  Monday they had an afternoon afloat and had some good fishing.  Red Gurnards and Tub Gurnards were captured, Barry had a Tub Gurnard of 3lb 4oz and also a Conger of 43lb. Sounds like a good day was had in Lyme Bay.


Mike Spiller and James Trevett went out again Friday night, this time it was in James Alaska 500 boat. We fished the Tennants and had some Pollack, Wrasse, Doggies and Pouting.  As it got dark we put the hook out and managed 11 conger with the best just over 4olb.  All the fish were netted,weighed and returned to fight again next time. 


Mike Spiller took his small boat out from Lyme last night in search of a Conger or two.  Conditions were good and three fish were caught and released.  Mike's best was 32lb and Wayne Harwoods best was 34lb. 


Mike Spiller had his monthly trip up with Marcus James at Minehead on the Mary Ellan.  Plenty of ray were caught (30 odd) during the trip with mostly Small Eyes caught.  The best of the bunch was a fish 11lb 4oz for Wayne Harwood.  Another interesting point during the day was that no one kept any fish! 


The monthly trip took place out from Beer on Sunday, the sea was flat and fishing was OK.  Fish caught included Pout, Doggies, Mackerel, Pollack, Ballans, Cuckoo Wrasse, Smoothounds, Sole and Garfish.  Fish of the trip was a cracking garfish of 2-1-0 for Richard Kemp.  Another strange capture was a Dover Sole for Mike Spiller, not that big but again not that many seen caught on rod and line.


James has been out again making the most of the fine settled weather during his week off.  This time with brother Barry they ventured out onto the inshore wrecks and found some good fishing during the day.  A few nice Pollack on the drift and then when anchored up James again found some nice Conger this time he had two fish over the 40lb specimen weight.  Best one was 48-8-0 and another off 41-0-0.  Interestingly James sent me some pictures of what the Congers were feeding on, RED Band Fish!  One eel coughed up six of them!


James Trevett has been out and about again in his own Alaska 500 this time he tried his luck out from Lyme Regis.  James and Scott Rice raced around all day looking for fish off Lyme but I here it was fairly slow all day.  At the end of the day they tried an inshore wreck mark and it sound like this paid off as they had their first Black Bream of the year to 1lb 8oz and James had a nice tidy Conger of nearly 50lb. 

Leon's weekly trip out from Beer at the end of the week was by all accounts fairly poor with not a lot being captured.  Apart for a few small Pollack on the drift it was a bit of a disaster.


Two boats went out yesterday from Minehead on what turned out to be a bit damp!  However the wind was light and so the sea was flat for a change.  Both boats started out on the banks off Minehead, fishing was fairly slow there so both boats moved out on the coral ground about 2 miles out.  Straight away the fishing improved with the Smoothounds starting along with a few ray (Blondes, Spotted and Thornies)  Other fish caught were small conger a single Cod of around 8lb and a good number of Huss up to around 8lb.  The best Smoothound was a fish of 12-2-0 by Alex Parker from Plymouth.

When ashore it seemed like the 'Mary Ellan' done better than the 'Edwin John' on the day.  Very strange because both boats were only around 200 yards apart.  On the Edwin John was Leons crowd (minus Leon) and Mike Spiller was aboard with Marcus James with a group from the Wyvern Committee.    


News just in that Leon went out along with James Trevett in James Alaska 500, they tried their luck down on the Skerries off Dartmouth.  Conditions were not great but before the weather got too bad they had a good number of Plaice to 1-12-0.


News just in that James and Barry Trevett took their own boat out from Weymouth on Monday in search of Plaice and Turbot, none of the target fished turned up but they did have a nice day catching some Cod, Pollack, Conger and Herring on the local inshore wreck.

Sounds a good day to me. 


Leon had his mid week trip last week and I here the fishing is now improving at last.  Fish caught during the day were Bass, Pollack on the drift.


Yesterday saw the two boat Summer Farye out from Minehead,  we had both of Dave James boats booked for the trip on what turned out to be a good day for the weather and the fishing.  Fish recorded during the 6 hour trips were Conger, Blonde Ray, Thornback Ray, Small Eyed Ray, Starry Smoothounds, Common Smoothounds, Bull Huss and the odd Doggie!  Your Billy Roberts done well all day catching a good selection of fish.  

Winner of the comp with 280 points was Jim Ogbourne, Runner up went to James Trevett with 240 points and third was Mike Spiller with 230 points.  Both boat best specimens fell too Smoothounds of 10lb each.


All in all a great day was had by all, if only Bill could catch some more doggies :0) 



Two boats booked my Mike Spiller and Leon Rice left Minehead today on what turned out to be good weather wise and fishing was top notch too.  Both Dave and Marcus James found the fish about 3 miles out from port.  On Daves boat was Scott, Tom, Bill ,Karl and two guests.  Everybody landed some Smoothounds with the best by Scot Rice with a fish just over 11lb.  Karl Roberts had the best Bull Huss again with a fish of 11lb.  On Marcus boat was Mike Spiller, John Stanford, Barry and James Trevett.  This boat did not have such big fish but more than made up with the quantity.  Some 15 Bull Huss were caught to 9lb and the Smoothounds kept coming all day with both Common and Starry being caught. Best of the bunch was a nice Common of 10-14-0 for Barry Trevett.  Other fish caught during the day were Blonde Ray, Thornbacks and Conger.

Highlight of the day was seeing James make the magic 40 Doggies in one day !!! (he will not own up to it mind)      


Leon had his midweek trip on Thursday and the weather was good I here.  All the anglers aboard had a day drifting the reefs off Lyme.  Top rod on the day was Bill Cassar who had Bass, Cod and Pollock.  Bills best Cod was 11lb.  I here they had some good Pollock fishing with over 40 landed to around 7lb. 


News just in, Stu Withyman has just returned as a guest of flat fish comp out from Exmouth Today.  By all accounts he done fairly well catching 2 Plaice, 1 Flounder and a Dab.  We will have to wait for the weigh-in tonight to see how our old Sea dog got on in the competition. 


A couple of trips have taken place over the last few days, Mike Spiller had another trip out from Minehead with Marcus James on the 'Mary Ellan'  fishing was a bit restricted on the 6 hour trip over H/W with a strong and gusty West wind.  This meant that we could only just get to the sand banks off Minehead and not the deeper water as planned!  Fish caught on the day were Smoothounds, Doggies, Small Eyed Ray and Thornbacks.  Best fish of the trip was a Thorny for Wayne (Bert) Harwood of 10-6-0.

The local midweek crew (minus Leon) had a midweek trip with Cyril at Beer and by all accounts it was fairy good with mixed fishing.   Best Pollack on the reefs weighed in around the 5lb mark and James (I got a bloody lucky Ling)Trevett had a specimen Cuckoo Wrasse of 1-4-0.  There were a few Plaice caught during the day with Dave Baugh finding them to 2-1-0 and Karl Roberts also getting in on the act.


Boat fishing seems to be on the up at last but it's all being a bit slow.

Mike Spiller recently had a trip aboard the Mary Ellen out from Minehead with Marcus James at the rudder. Fish caught included Smoothound, Ray, Ling, Conger and Doggies.  One good fish recorded for Barry Trevett was a Starry Smoothound of 13-7-0.

Leon Rice had a midweek trip recently with Cyril on the Blue Lady from Beer.  Again I here it was a bit slow but there were some Pollack, Cod caught on the drift.  On the same day James Trevett took his own boat out from West Bay along with brother Barry.  I here good day was had with Plaice to 2-12-0, Gurnard to 1-12-0 along with a few Dabs, Thornback and Mackerel.      

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